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Citizen Retail Recruitment


Citizen Retail Recruitment

Help Us Recruit your favorite retailers and restaurants!

Clayton restaurants and retailers thrive because of the support of the many residents and workers in Clayton and the surrounding areas.  This economic energy and spending power have made Clayton the center of the regional restaurant scene and have created a unique sidewalk shopping environment.

The City of Clayton works diligently to recruit new businesses that complement our community and add to the convenience and vitality of our economy.  We maintain local, regional and national relationships to match existing commercial space with retailers that fit our market.

Our recently approved Downtown Master Plan and Retail Study suggest that Clayton has great opportunity ahead in retail growth.  It suggests that the unique retailers and boutiques that are represented in the region, but not yet in Clayton, are excellent targets for expansion into Clayton.  It also suggests that even more restaurants can continue to thrive in this very strong environment.

We believe the most powerful voices to retailers are that of their customers.  Though we hope you will always make efforts to Shop Clayton Shops, we also know that Clayton consumers make a powerful impact when spending with restaurants and retailers in the region.

Our program helps you communicate to these retailers in a very noticeable way that you are a Clayton consumer.  By sending this message, you will not only generate important leads for us, you will help businesses gain a confidence in the investment they may make in Clayton.

Please cut out one off the attached cards and put them in your wallet, purse or pocket.  When you visit a store or a restaurant that you think might be a good fit, please slip the card in with the payment of your bill, or ask to speak with the manager and hand them the card.  With your help, we have an economic development team 16,000 strong!

Thank you for your continued support.

Gary Carter
Economic Developer