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Board Information

Up to 29 members with 2 aldermanic liaisons.

Meeting Information
Meets quarterly. Meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the last Wednesday of January, April, July and October. Meetings will be held at the Heritage Building, 10 S. Brentwood Blvd.

Call 314-290-8553 for more information.

Refer also to Clayton's Meeting Guidelines.


J.J. Flotken, President
Steven Rosenblum, Chair of Major Gifts
Becky Patel, Chair of Community Building
Gary Krosch, Treasurer
Sarah Melinger, Chair of Philanthropy
Cindy Rapponotti, Chair of Board Development

Gary Feder, Legal Advisor
Judy R. Goodman, Immediate Past President


Cindy Berger
Jason Braidwood
Barbara Brinkman
Josh Ferguson
Jill Fisher
Linda Goldstein
Stephanie Gross
Michelle Harris
Janet Horlacher
Cathy Krane
John McCormick
Robert Paster
Ben Uchitelle
Cheryl Verde
Cordell Whitlock
Mike Zaccarello

Aldermanic Liaisons
Ira Berkowitz
Mark Winings

Sarah Umlauf, City Staff Liaison

Clayton Century Foundation

This Vision for Clayton's future will enrich its unique qualities and expand unlimited potential. It establishes an enduring strategy with broad and compelling goals to encourage public-private partnerships. Through inspired leadership and focused investment, we can enhance the quality of life for Clayton's residents, workers and visitors, fortify the assets of our community fabric for future generations, and ensure a premier cultural and business destination for the region. 

Contact Sarah Umlauf at 314-290-8553 or for further information about the Clayton Century Foundation and how you can contribute.