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Board Information

7 members, including Aldermanic Representative and City Manager

Source of Authority
City Charter, Art. IX

Meeting Information
Normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 5:30 p.m., 2nd Floor Council Chambers, Clayton City Hall located at 10 N Bemiston.

The deadline to submit applications and materials to the Department of Planning and Development Services is 14 days prior to the meeting date, by 3:00 p.m. If a meeting has been scheduled on a Tuesday or Wednesday due to a holiday falling on Monday, the 14 day deadline still applies as if the meeting were held on Monday.

Call 314-290-8453 for information.

Refer also to Clayton's Meeting Guidelines.


Steve Lichtenfeld, Chair

Ron Reim
Joshua Corson
William Lieberman
Scott Wilson

Joanne Boulton, Aldermanic Representative
Craig Owens, City Manager

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Plan Commission and Architectural Review Board

The Plan Commission and Architectural Review Board are two distinct boards that are comprised of the same members: the City Manager, a member of the Board of Aldermen selected by the Board and five residents. At least one member shall be a registered architect, and the term of office for members is three years.The Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board holds joint meetings the first and third Monday of the month. 

The Plan Commission advises the Board of Aldermen on how best to preserve and protect the existing residential and business community, to provide for, plan, guide and direct the development, redevelopment, and growth of the City and the encourage high standards of architectural, site, and landscape design and to encourage public participation.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) assures that construction/renovation activities are of high quality design and materials and in general conformity with the style and design of surrounding structures. The ARB conducts design and material reviews of additions, alterations and improvements to existing structures, buildings and properties and will also review the design, material and compatibility of new construction.

2016 Submittal and Meeting Schedule

Current Meeting

10-17-2016 Agenda 

10-17-2016 Staff Reports

Agendas and Minutes

Pending Applications

Pending applications that have been filed with the Planning Department for review by the Plan Commission. Complete applications are available for public review at City Hall during normal business hours. For questions on pending applications, contact the Planning Department at 314-290-8453. 

Annual Reports



Ordinances and Resource Guides

The Planning and Development Services Department has developed resources to aid applicants through the approval process:

Architectural Review Guidelines
Landscape Plan Guide 
Outdoor Dining Standards
Site Plan Review Submittal Guide
Green Sheet

Each application contains a cover sheet and a checklist to ensure all necessary information is shown on the plans. Please refer to the Applications Forms & Permits page of the web site for applications and checklists.