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Board Information

12 member, 3 ex-officio

Source of Authority
Board Directive

Meeting Information
Meets at the call of the Chairman.

Call 290-8443 for information.

Refer also to Clayton's Meeting Guidelines.

Strategic Issues Committee

Roles and Duties
In October 1991, the Board of Aldermen appointed a 12-member Strategic Issues Committee comprised of two residents, an Alderman from each of the City's three wards, two representatives from Clayton's business community, a representative from the School District of Clayton's Board of Education, and the Mayor. The non-Aldermanic representatives were appointed for two and three-year terms.  The Board of Aldermen appointed the initial Chair of the Committee.

The Board's action was in response to a recommendation of the Futures Committee which stated a Strategic Issues Committee of citizens, businessmen, Aldermen, and City government representatives should be appointed by the Board of Aldermen to determine and prioritize strategic issues with which the City is faced and to prepare a Strategic Plan for the Board of Aldermen.

The Committee was appointed to serve in a fact gathering and advisory capacity to the Board. The Committee may petition the Board for consideration of an issue, but the Board must approve the actual exploration of such issue as fitting the overall policy and goals of the Board and the agreed mission of the City.

The initial task of the Committee was to consider and draft, for approval by the Board of Aldermen, a Mission Statement for Clayton together with strategies for realizing the goals of the Mission Statement. After a thoughtful study and analysis of a variety of perspectives and issues, on December 22, 1992, the Strategic Issues Committee presented a Five-year Plan for the City of Clayton to the Board of Aldermen. The document which was formally adopted by the Board of Aldermen, listed the following Strategic Objectives:

  1. create a strong and vital combination of residential, business, county government, and institutional interests to assure Clayton's ongoing livability and financial integrity;
  2. operate City Government in a fiscally sound manner consistent with available resources and prudent financial planning;
  3. provide the quality services necessary to assure a safe, clean, environmentally responsible community in which to live, play, work, and conduct business;
  4. provide leadership in defining and strengthening Clayton's mutual interests with the Clayton School District, local institutions, close-in municipalities, St. Louis County and St. Louis City;
  5. encourage open, accessible, and responsible city government based on effective communications between the City of Clayton and its constituencies; and 
  6. plan and facilitate public and private investment in the development and growth of Clayton's retail, office, and cultural activities.

The City Manager, Director of Planning & Development Services, and the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce serve as ex-officio members of the Committee. The Committee chooses their Chair from among their members.

The Committee meets at the call of the chair. The staff liaison is the City Manager. The Administrative Secretary to the Director of Finance provides clerical support when needed and maintains the Committee's files.