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Board Information

5-15 members

Source of Authority
Ordinance 6208
June 12, 2012

Meeting Information
Meets on the fourth Thursday of even numbered months. Meetings are held at 4:30 p.m. in Clayton City Hall located at 10 North Bemiston Avenue.

Refer also to Clayton's Meeting Guidelines.


Pamela Fournier, Ward III, Chair

Stan Braude, Ward II
Alex Bornstein, Ward I
Gina Nakis, Ward III
Joe Miller, Ward II
Richard Marx, Ward II
George Hettich, Ward I
Cindy Mense, Ward I

Richard Lintz, Aldermanic Representative
Ira  Berkowitz, Aldermanic Representative
Brad Bernstein, School District Liaison
Dale Houdeshell, City Staff Liaison

Sustainability Advisory Committee

Roles and Duties
The Ecology and Environmental Awareness Committee was established by Resolution No. 97-33 on October 14, 1997, in response to recommendations in the City's Strategic Plan to restructure and expand the Recycling Committee to address a broader sphere of environmental and ecological issues.  The name was changed to Sustainability Advisory Committee by Ordinance No. 62-08 on June 12, 2012.

The role of the Sustainability Advisory Committee is to advise the Mayor, Aldermen, and the City Manager with respect to the development and/or support of ecologically sound programs and practices within Clayton's municipal government, the Clayton community and the metropolitan St. Louis region.

The SAC Blueprint for ACTION:

  • Incorporate Green Building in City of Clayton Facilities
  • Promote the City of Clayton's Green Event Practices
  • Promote Multifamily Recycling Programs
  • Establish Commercial Recycling Program
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion
  • Promoting the City of Clayton as a Model to Citizens
  • Promote Green Purchasing
  • Educate Citizens with Seasonal Green Information Updates 2008 Report

Committee Activities

Construction Material Recycling
The Clayton Public Works Department has begun adding provisions to project specifications requiring the recycling of asphalt and concrete that is removed as part of capital improvement projects.  In 2009, approximately 4,345 tons of concrete and 9,064 tons of asphalt were recycled during the City's capital improvement projects.

Building Material Reuse
Leftover building materials can be put to good use by donating them to Habitat for Humanity.  See their ReStore website for details.

Electronic Recycling Event
The City of Clayton has sponsored an annual electronic recycling event each year since 2005.  To date, 175 tons of material have been recycled, with the majority of material consisting of televisions and tubes.

Tons Recycled
 2005  10
 2006  16.5
 2007  22
 2008  30
 2009  35
 2010  25
 2011  12
 2012  24.5
 2013  15.5
 2014  18.6
 2015  23.3
 2016 16.5 
 Total Tons


Agendas and Minutes