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The Clayton Fire Department  is  proud to participate in the Health and Wellness Initiative which was developed in cooperation between the International Association of Firefighters and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. It was developed because the leading cause of firefighter fatalities each year were contributed to heart attacks and strokes. With that in mind the two associations felt is necessary to deal with the problem and developed a Health and Wellness program. Their number one goal was to reduce the number of firefighter fatalities from heart attacks and strokes. It was agreed upon that a wellness/fitness system must be developed to maintain fire fighters’ physical and mental capabilities and should be the objective of every fire department in cooperation with its local IAFF affiliate. While such a program may be mandatory, agreement to initiate it must be mutual between the administration and its members represented by the local union. Any program of physical fitness must be positive and not punitive in design; require mandatory participation by all uniformed personnel in the department once implemented; allow for age, gender and position in the department; allow for on-duty-time participation utilizing facilities provided or arranged by the department; provide for rehabilitation and remedial support for those in need; contain training and education components, and be reasonable and equitable to all participants.

The Health and Wellness Initiative created standards for which to abide by and the Clayton Fire Department meets all those standards. They include confidentiality of behavioral, medical and fitness evaluations, to develop a physical fitness and wellness program that is educational and rehabilitative and is not punitive and that it requires a commitment by labor and management to a positive individualized fitness/wellness program. The program also includes a develop a holistic wellness approach that includes: fitness, medical, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and be long term. 

The Clayton Fire Department has four personnel that are certified as Peer Fitness Trainers. They re certify every other year. The certification requires 15 hours of CEU’s with six of these hours dealing with firefighter specific fitness information. During FY2010 we focused on exercises to prevent extremity injuries (primarily ankles) which continue to present injury issues within our department, as well as nationwide. Barring extenuating circumstances, the department continues to include one hour of mandatory physical fitness training every duty day.

Two of our PFT’s continue to be active in the local Health and Wellness committee with B / C Straatmann serving as the Chief’s representative and Captain Lopez serving as the Union’s representative. This involves monthly meetings and also included input/assistance with PFT class that was offered to area fire departments earlier this year. If you would like more information on our departments program you can contact B/C Diann Straatmann at 314-290-8483 or at

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