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Missouri 1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team



Missouri-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team.  MO-1 is part of the National Disaster Medical System, As of January 1st. 2007, we are under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We are a medical response team sponsored by the federal, state and local government. We train regularly and stand ready to aid our country during any man-made or natural disasters.  Specifically, when the local medical resources might be overwhelmed as a result of a disaster.
DMATs from across the country have been preparing and responding for many years to national disasters and responded in force on and shortly after 9-11-01.

This is a list of Deployments for MO-1 that has been on either as a whole team or in part

Year Mission Deployment
2010 Haiti Earthquake    
2009 Presidential address to Congress 
2008 Hurricane Gustav   
2007 Hurricane Dean    
2006 Hurricane Ernesto   2
2006 St. Louis Power Outage   
2005 Hurricane Wilma   
2005 Hurricane Rita   
2005 Hurricane Ophelia   
2005 Hurricane Katrina  
2005 Hurricane Emily   
2005 Hurricane Dennis  
2005 Democratic National Convention Boston  
2004 American Airlines Crash Kirksville Mo. Flight 5966  
2004 Hurricane Jeanne   
2004 Hurricane Ivan   
2004 Hurricane Frances   
2004 Hurricane Charley   2
2004 Neo-natal Emergency at Guam Memorial Hospital    
2004 Presidential Debates Washington University  
2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah   
2002 Hurricane Lili, Gulf Coast   
2001 Presidential Inauguration    
2001 State of the Union Address       
2001 World Trade Center Disaster in New York City       
1999 Fort Dix in "Operation Refugee"