Fitness Center

See what the crowds are like in the fitness center during the hours that you are available with the fitness center usage chart.

Members are encouraged to learn the equipment by scheduling a complementary Fitness Center Orientation with our friendly staff.  Orientations cover how to begin an exercise routine, workout demonstrations and a handy progress chart.  Schedule yours at the fitness desk or by calling 314-290-8524.

Cardio Equipment 

Cardio Training

The cardio area features the latest, most sophisticated cardio equipment available.  Each machine is equipped with a cardio theater sound system to connect your headphones with the TV screens.  We also have a separate area where cardio machines have personal TVs available for your use.

The Fitness Center offers a suspended indoor running and walking track designed for walkers and runners of all abilities.  It circles the Fitness Center and provides a bird's eye view of gym activities.  Approximately 11 laps equals 1 mile.

Weight Machines 

Strength Training

The Center offers strength training in two different areas:

1) The Fitness Center located on the 2nd Floor contains a state-of-the-art circuit (Nautilus One machines), as well as Human Sport pulley equipment, for those desired more functional training or advanced workouts.  In addition, two dual adjustable pulleys are available, as well as a Smith Machine, and several abdominal machines.  Want a more body-weight-based training program?  Try our special mat area with TRX and a FitWall available for your use.  In addition, Kettlebells, medicine balls, tubing, and dumbbells are available to provide variety and extra challenge to your routine.

Free Weights

2) The Power Lifting Room, located on the street level of our facility houses our heavier equipment, for those desiring intense power and strength training workouts.  Included are: Plate-loaded Olympic benches and squat stations, a custom-designed multi-station unit with pulleys (offering both functional and traditional weight training options); plate loaded machines for both upper and lower body, and free weights up to 130 lbs.