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Fitness Programs

The Center of Clayton offers an incredible variety of Group Fitness classes for children and adults accommodating all levels of fitness. Whether you are looking for Group Fitness, Pilates, Tai Chi, Spinning®, TRX, Kettlebell, Yoga, or Zumba, we have a wide variety of formats to suit your interests. (Note: Water Aerobics classes are also available through our Aquatics Department.) 

 Current Fitness Schedule

Fitness Schedule

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Participation Options:

  1. Register for a session to attend all class dates: Sessions are generally 8 weeks long, except during our Holiday Mini-Session, which runs for 4 weeks during December and January.  Want to start mid-session?  Not a problem!  Most classes (with the exception of some of our specialty classes) can be prorated so you can get started at any time. *Note: Registered participants are NOT eligible for a refund or credit if they miss class.
  2. Purchase a Chance Card:  A chance card is a 10-class punchcard which allows you to drop into classes without committing to a full session of classes.  The following types of chance cards are currently available at the Welcome Desk: Adult Group Fitness, Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates/Kettlebell, Spinning®/Zumba, and Adult Water Fitness.  Note that you must purchase a chance card for the specific type of class you wish to attend, i.e., you cannot use an Adult Group Fitness Chance Card to attend a Yoga Class.  If the class is full with registered participants, chance card holders will not be permitted entrance regardless of daily class attendance. However, this card affords you flexibility if you have a schedule that changes frequently.
  3. Attend class as a Drop-in: Join class for a one-time visit using our daily drop-in class fee, regardless of membership or resident status.

Check-In Procedure

All class participants must check in prior to each class at the front desk, regardless of membership status prior to entering the program area.  All paid participants will receive a class pass from front desk staff which will be collected by your instructor at the start of class.   Participation in classes will only be permitted if a pass is presented at the beginning of class.  Participants without a pass will be asked to return to the front desk to obtain a pass.