Hanley House



The city of Clayton purchased the Hanley House and roughly one acre of land from Barbara Yore in 1968. Barbara was a granddaughter of Martin and Cyrene Hanley.  She, along with her sister, Byrd, moved into the home at 7600 Westmoreland Avenue in order to care for their aging Aunt Cal.  Nancy Caroline Hanley, known as Aunt Cal, was the oldest surviving Hanley daughter.  She never married and remained in the Hanley House until her death in 1938 at the age of 97. 

Once in the possession of the city, restoration efforts began in earnest at the Hanley House until the museum opened to the public in 1971.  Today the home tells the story of the Hanley Family and their life on a 19th century Missouri farm.  Woven into a tour of the home are the many stories passed down to us through family letters and records.

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