Hanley House




The Hanley House could not exist without its amazing volunteers. The museum is always looking for new volunteers. Share your love of history, give to your community, and learn about the past when you become a Hanley House volunteer.

Do you have a passion for history and love to share it? If so, then you should become a volunteer at the Martin Franklin Hanley House. Opportunities to help include leading guided tours, helping in the garden, or just sharing your knowledge and love of history and museum work with us.

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In 2007, the Lawrence Group performed a Building Assessment Study of the Hanley House. The study carefully prioritized key structural elements within the museum that require refurbishment or replacement. 

It is necessary to take immediate action in order to preserve our historic site. There are many ways to give. 
You may support our conservation efforts through a donation to the Clayton Century Foundation (CCF).  The CCF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Clayton citizens, corporate residents and visitors.  Through its support of various cultural amenities like the Historic Hanley House, the CCF will make a difference in our community for generations to come.

To give, please visit the CCF and make your donation.  Be sure to specify that your donation is given in support of the Historic Hanley House.