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Department Director

Susan Istenes
Director of Planning & Development Services
Susan M. Istenes, AICP

Contact Information

Building Official
Steve Larson, CBO, MCP

Louis Clayton

Planning Technician
Kathy Scott

Administrative Assistant - Building
Jackie Williams

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Planning & Development Services

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Planning and Development Services Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Clayton's citizens, businesses and visitors. This Department provides professional planning, building and code enforcement services in order to promote responsible growth and to ensure that the City remains a sustainable, well-designed and prosperous community within a business-friendly environment.

The department is divided into two interrelated divisions: the Planning Division which is primarily responsible for direction and coordination of all planning, zoning and property development activities, and the Building Division which includes systematic property code inspections, housing code enforcement, plan review and building permit issuance and monitoring.  The duties of each division overlap and often reflect different stages in an overall development process. 

Current News/Updates:

Inspections: When calling for an inspection, please leave the permit number, type of inspection desired and project address along with your name, contact information and the date and time the inspection is desired.

Inspection requests must be made before 4 p.m. the business day prior to the day the inspection is desired. Messages or requests made after 4 p.m. will be retrieved the next business day and the inspection won’t be placed on the schedule until the subsequent day.

NEW!!!!    Planning and Zoning related applications currently under review by City staff. Click here! 

Recently adopted Code Amendments:

1. Outdoor Dining Regulations are intended to permit outdoor dining on public and private property that is compatible with other uses of the sidewalk.Click here to read more about outdoor dining to view the ordinance adopted on January 13, 2015. 

2. Bicycle Parking Regulations are intended to increase the number of high-quality bicycle parking opportunities throughout the city. The regulations are consistent with model and adopted ordinances in other bronze, silver, and gold level Bicycle Friendly Communities, and have been tailored to the unique conditions of Clayton. Click here to view the ordinance adopted on December 9, 2014. 

3.  On March 11, 2014, a change was adopted to the Property Maintenance Code.  The code requires tenancy inspections for all rental/non-owner occupied units/properties  (duplex, apartments, condominiums, single family, etc.) Occupancy inspections and permits, shall be obtained prior to occupancy by a tenant. 

4. Domestic Fowl.  If you keep backyard chickens or other domestic fowl the Board of Aldermen recently modified the City's Code regarding the keeping of domestic fowl.  Please click here to review the ordinance adopted September 26, 2013 

5. City begins implementation of Downtown Master Plan by adopting the Maryland Gateway Overlay District. As a major approach to Downtown Clayton, Maryland Avenue is currently a strip of low-rise retail and commercial buildings that are designed for convenient access by car.  The natural function of Maryland Avenue as a gateway to Downtown Clayton gives an opportunity for creating a memorable and representative entry to the core of the City.  Maryland Avenue can be transformed from an auto-focused right-of-way to a human-focused corridor.  Much of this can build on the already-strong presence of small retail establishments, which can help to define the street edge and can serve as a transition to adjacent residential areas.  Adopted on June 25, 2013 view the ordinance here.

6. Solar and Wind Regulations adopted February 28, 2012 click here to view ordinance

7. Inspection Ordinance Amended effective . Clayton's inspection ordinance has been amended to require tenancy inspections for owner occupied duplexes and single family rental properties. Tenancy and prior to sale inspections will continue to be required for residential rental structures with three or more units. The purpose of this change is to ensure that rental properties are proactively inspected to preclude potential maintenance and safety violations. Click here to view the ordinance. 

We get a lot of Questions about Subdivision Indentures.  Here is some information that may help you.  Click here.

Other News:

The City of Clayton was selected by the East-West Gateway Board of Directors as a partner in 1 of 11 Community Planning areas throughout the region.  A draft of the OneSTL plan is now available on the EastWest Gateway Council of Government's web site.   Go to and click on "The Plan"

More information on this planning effort is online at

American Planning Association Designates Wydown Boulevard as a Great Street

Wydown Boulevard has been designated one of the ten Great Streets in America of 2010 by the American Planning Association.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirement

The 2009 International Residential Code requires carbon monoxide alarms in new one and two family dwellings and in existing one and two family dwellings when work requiring a permit takes place. The carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in the immediate vicinity of all sleeping areas. Hardwired, battery operated or plug-in alarms may be used. Unlike the smoke alarm requirements, there is no exception for exterior work or the addition of decks or porches. Roofing, siding, window replacement and other exterior work requiring a permit will require the installation of carbon monoxide alarms. Click here to view a summary of the requirements

2015 Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board Schedule

Click here to view the 2015 regularly scheduled meeting dates and submittal deadlines for the Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board.   Please note planned cancellations of some regular meetings.

Rodent Control

Clayton does not administer a rodent control program; rodent control is the responsibility of the property owner. Section 308.1 of the City Building Codes and Building Regulations requires that all structures be kept free from rodent infestation. For control methods to be effective, all residents must do their part and work together to keep our neighborhoods free of rats. If you have any questions, please call Clayton Building Inspections at 314-290-8455 or St. Louis County Vector Control at 314-727-3097 or visit St. Louis County Rodent Control Information. Click here for more information on how to control rats in your neighborhood. Thank you for your assistance in helping control this problem.

Applying for Architectural or Site Plan Review?

The Clayton Green Sheet is available to provide information on sustainable development resources to Architectural and Site Plan Review applicants.  Energy efficient buildings that are designed, constructed and operated for optimal performance and resource conservation are able to demonstrate reduced negative environmental impacts, improved occupant wellbeing and profitability from energy savings.

Click here to view the citywide Code of Ordinances.