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Permit Explanations

Permit Requirements
The City follows the 2015 International Code Council, the nationally accepted standard for building, mechanical and plumbing codes.  Permit applications are available on the City's Website.

Plan Review Timeline

Building Permit
A Building Permit is required:

  • for alterations or tenant finish work
  • to enlarge an existing structure
  • to build a new structure
  • to demolish a structure

Any changes made to the exterior that affect the appearance, such as a change in color or style, must be approved by the Architectural Review Board. To obtain a Building Permit, please submit 4 sets of sealed drawings, a completed permit application and the $35.00 application fee to Planning and Development Services. For more information, please call 314-290-8452.

Dumpster Permit
All dumpsters must be located on the property behind the construction fence. Dumpsters used on projects without a construction fence will require a Dumpster Permit. A Dumpster Permit can be obtained with this application. Permits are issued for a 120 day period. The permit fee is $85.00 A per day prorated fee will apply to approved extensions at the rate of $20.00 per day. Any dumpster to be placed in the public right-of-way will require a separate permit from the Department of Public Works 314-290-8540.

Fence Permit
Before a fence permit will be issued, the following must be submitted:

  • Complete Building Permit Application
  • A survey, plot plan/site plan or plat map of the property indicating all property lines
  • Highlight on the plan, with a highlighter, where the fence is to be installed
  • Subdivision Trustee approval for all subdivisions with active Trustees
  • Condominium Association approval (if applicable)
  • Drawings indicating the height of the fence, the type of the fence (wood-cedar, wrought iron, etc.) and the style of the fence (board on board-shadowbox, solid wood, etc.)

Height restrictions for fences are as follows:
General Residential Privacy Fence - 6 feet (8 foot feces with the top 2 feet at least 50% open are permitted. For example, a 6 foot solid fence with an additional 2 foot lattice top)
Residential Property Abutting Commercial Property - 8 feet

All new fences installed must have the "nice side facing out".

Demolition Permit
The cost for a Demolition Permit is $115.00. This includes a $35.00 application fee and an $80.00 permit fee. On demolition of structures, other than very minor structures such as a small shed or interior demolitions, a $1,000.00 refundable cash deposit is required. The International Building Code also requires that if there is not a pending Building Permit that has been properly filed for the construction of a new structure on the site, then the excavation as a result of the demolition must be properly filled and brought up to the original finish grade, and the site must be restored with sod. Demolition permit requirements.

Mechanical Permit
A Mechanical Permit is required to install new or replacement mechanical equipment.

Plumbing Permit
A Plumbing Permit is required for all plumbing work other than ordinary repairs. A licensed Master Plumber (licensed through St. Louis County and the City of Clayton) is required to obtain the permit and perform the work.

Sign Permit
Any alteration to an existing sign or installation of a new sign requires a permit and, in many cases, the approval of the Director of Planning and Development Services, City Manager and/or the Architectural Review Board.

Commercial Occupancy Permit
All businesses are required to obtain a commercial occupancy permit and inspections from both the Planning and Fire Departments prior to occupying any commercial space. Please submit your application at least one week prior to occupancy. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the building inspector at 314-290-8452 and the Fire Department at 314-290-8485 to arrange an appointment for the necessary inspections. Permit/inspection fee is $90.00 and Fire Department fee is $30.00 for a total of $120.00. If occupancy takes place before inspections, the fee is $210.00. Applications should be submitted to the Planning and Development Services Department at Clayton City Hall.

Residential Occupancy Permit
Residential Occupancy Permits are required for all rental residential properties.  Instructions to obtain a residential occupancy permit.

Outdoor Dining/Seating and Valet Parking
Separate annual permits are required for outdoor dining/seating and valet parking. Contact the Planning Department at 314-290-8453 regarding outdoor dining/seating permit information. Contact the Police Department at 314-290-8402 regarding valet parking permit information.

Inspections will not be scheduled until your permit is secured and payment is received.