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Pending Legislation

Proposed Change to Building Permit Fees

In the mid 1990’s BOCA merged with International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) and Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) to form the International Code Conference (ICC).

ICC provides a method for calculating permit fees which takes into account the jurisdiction’s Building Department’s budget and the percentage of that budget to be provided by building permit revenue. This is done by using historical data to determine the annual construction value within the jurisdiction. Then once the department’s budget percentage is calculated it is divided by the annual construction value which equals a permit fee multiplier.


                                                                                 Bldg. Dept. Budget x (%)

                                Permit Fee Multiplier =  Annual Construction Value

The permit multiplier is then used to calculate building permit fees by multiplying it by the construction value of the project to be permitted. The building permit applicant provides an estimated cost of the project on the building permit application. This value is then compared to the estimated cost calculated using the ICC Building Valuation Data which the ICC updates in February and August of each year. The higher of the two values is then multiplied by the permit fee multiplier to calculate the permit fee. The Building Official may deviate from this procedure if the applicant provides documentation showing the project’s contractual construction cost.

The City of Clayton Planning and Development staff is proposing to adopt the permit fee multiplier method for calculating building permit fees.  This will align the City of Clayton with the vast majority of municipalities in the region who calculate their permit fees in this manner. A building permit multiplier of .0045 for residential construction permits and a multiplier of .004 for commercial construction permits are being recommended for adoption. These multipliers were determined after preforming the calculation described above and doing comparisons with other municipalities. Staff is preparing a fee amendment proposal to present to the Board of Alderman on February 9, 2016.   Click here for report.

Any questions regarding this proposed change should be directed to Building Official Bart Alspaugh at or 314-290-8462.

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