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Master Plan

The Clayton Master Plan and Business Districts Master Plan are land use documents which provide the framework and policy direction for future land use decisions. Updates to these important documents are planned in the near future. To view these documents, please use the links below.

Downtown Master Plan

On November 23, 2010, the Board of Aldermen adopted the proposed updates to the Downtown Clayton Master Plan. Consultants Sasaki Associates, Inc. in association with Economics Research Associates/AECOM proposed the updates and revisions in conjunction with an action plan for Downtown Clayton resulting from a retail and marketing study.

The plan adoption followed a comprehensive year-long process of problem identification, establishment of priorities, information gathering, data analysis and plan preparation and review. Key events during the planning process included public input sessions, meetings and hearings, and presentations to the Plan Commission, Economic Development Advisory Committee and Board of Aldermen.

You are invited to view the Downtown Clayton Master Plan below.
Updated Downtown Master Plan Part 1
Updated Downtown Master Plan Part 2
Technical Appendix Part 1
Technical Appendix Part 2
Technical Appendix Part 3
Technical Appendix Part 4 

The 2010 updated Downtown Master Plan replaces those sections of the 1993 Business Districts Master Plan which pertain to the Downtown area.

Clayton Business Districts Master Plan (1993)

Clayton Master Plan (1975; Amended 1989)