Planning & Development


Transit Oriented Development

In 2009, Clayton added 2 overlay districts specifically to encourage Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The TOD districts are located in the vicinity of the Clayton and Forsyth MetroLink stations.

Transit Oriented Development creates compact, walkable communities centered around high quality transit systems. The pedestrian is the highest priority in a TOD, and the rail station is a prominent feature. A high density, high quality mix of uses including office, residential, retail and civic surround the rail station and are supported by additional transportation means such as buses and bicycles.

Benefits of TODs include:

  • Greater pedestrian mobility 
  • Reduced traffic congestion and driving 
  • Reduced transportation-related pollution
  • Reduced household spending on transportation, resulting in more affordable housing 
  • Healthier lifestyles with more walking 
  • Increased foot traffic and customers for area businesses