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Zoning Regulations

What is Zoning?
The primary purpose of zoning is to ensure that adjacent land uses are compatible with one another.  Zoning helps bring about orderly growth and change, controls population density and helps create attractive, healthy communities.  It also helps assure property owners and residents that the characteristics (and property values) of nearby areas will remain stable.

Zoning codes have two specific functions: first, they regulate the use of a particular property by describing the types of uses that are allowable.  Second, they control the dimensions of structures that can be placed on the property (often called “development standards”) such as height, setbacks, lot size and density. 

What is my property zoned?
Check your zoning by entering an address into the search box below. Click on the property you want zoning information for, and a small box will pop-up with the address, zoning, and overlay zoning information. You can also view a non-interactive PDF map here.

What are the regulations for my zoning district?
Once you determine your zoning from the pop-up window, refer to the links below the map for the specific standards and restrictions for the zoning district. Every property has a specific zoning designation, and some properties are located in an overlay or urban design district. These are special zones with regulations that supersede or supplement the underlying zoning district.

Zoning Requirements Cheat Sheet
Summarizes the most common zoning requirements such as lot size, setbacks, impervious coverage, and height for all zoning districts.

Permitted Use Table
Lists permitted and conditionally permitted uses for all zoning districts. 

Zoning District Regulations
The links below will direct you to the online version of the zoning code. This is the official zoning document for the City of Clayton.

Zoning Districts  Downtown Overlays Urban Design Districts  Other 
 R-1 (Large Lot Single-Family)  CBD Core   Christian Brothers Campus (CBC)    Parking 
 R-2 (Single-Family)  Central Station TOD       Clayshire (R-4 only) Signage 
 R-3 (One- and Two-Family)  Clayton Plaza  Clayton Gardens/Clayshire Antennas 
 R-4 (Low Density Multi-Family)  Downtown Core  Clayton Road Renewable Energy
 R-5 (Medium-Low Density Multi-Family)  Forsyth Station TOD  Topton/Brighton Subdivision 
 R-6 (Medium Density Multi-Family)  Maryland Gateway  

 Westwood Corridor

 R-7 (High Density Multi-Family)      
 C-1 (Neighborhood Commercial)      
 C-2 (General Commercial)      
 HDC (High Density Commercial)      
 S-1 (Service)      
 PUD (Planned Unit Development)      
 SDD (Special Development District      

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