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Citizen Complaint Process

The Clayton Police Department strives to provide the highest caliber service to the residential and business communities of the City. To ensure that the level of service remains as professional and responsive as possible, the Police Department encourages comment as to the performance of its various employees. Should an employee conduct him or herself in other than an exemplary manner, a citizen may, if they so choose, elect to file a formal complaint with the Police Department.

Complaints may be registered in person, by phone, or via mail. However, in each instance, the complainant will be asked to provide their name, address, and phone number, the nature of the complaint, the location, date, and time of the alleged incident, the name(s) of the employee(s) involved, and the identity of any independent witnesses. Complaints will be documented at the time of their receipt and an initial investigation conducted by a supervisor. Upon completion of their investigation, the supervisor will then forward the complaint and other relevant information to the appropriate commander. The Chief of Police will be apprised of the complaint at the earliest possible opportunity, and depending upon the nature of the allegations, determine the extent and course of investigation needed. If possible, citizen complaints will be resolved by the pertinent Bureau Commander. At the conclusion of each investigation into a complaint, a finding of fact will be issued with one of the following dispositions:

 1.  Sustained - Evidence sufficient to prove allegations.
 2.  Not sustained - Insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove allegations. 
 3.  Exonerated - Officer(s) actions were lawful and proper.
 4.  Unfounded - Allegations have no bearing in fact.

Each complainant shall be regularly informed of the status of their complaint, and will also be apprised of the investigation's final disposition. Should a complaint be sustained, corrective action, including potential disciplinary action, will be initiated in accordance with Police Department regulations. Effective and responsive police service requires that the partnership between local law enforcement and the community be as open and strong as possible.


A review of the Internal Affairs Incident Log revealed there were six complaints lodged for department review.  This number of complaints is below the amounts in 2012 (9), 2013 (13), and 2014 (9).

These six complaints involved a total of nine different employees.  All of the employees cited for investigation were sworn personnel.  In three of the incidents there were two employees cited per complaint.

Following is a breakdown of the complaints by Bureau

Investigations and Support Bureau   2
Field Operations Bureau   4
Parking Control   0
Administration/Support   0

An additional breakdown of the fact determination in each of the above Internal Affairs Investigations is as follows:

Unfounded   1
Exonerated   4
Not Sustained
Sustained   0

Officers responded to 15,143 calls for service and detectives investigated 626 cases during the year.   This translates to roughly one complaint for each 2,628 calls for service/detective investigations. These totals are improved from previous years, which is an impressive accomplishment by department personnel.

Traffic Stop Information

The below file contains information on traffic stops.

Traffic Stop - Citizen and Police