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Assistant Director/City Engineer
John Wulf P.E.


Davis Place Subdivision
Eastern Parking Restrictions

Over a considerable period of time, the City has received requests to modify on-street parking in the Davis Place Subdivision to meet the needs of the residents and Central Presbyterian Church.  In response to these requests, City Staff’s goal has been to find an appropriate balance among the sometimes competing interests of safe vehicular transit, reasonable access to driveways, and on-street parking for residents, their guests, and those attending services and other events at Central Presbyterian Church.  Considerable input has been received from a variety of stakeholders including the trustees, church representatives and residents through response to City surveys as well as additional subsequent input.  The culmination of these efforts is the map of proposed on-street parking restrictions titled February 28, 2012 Davis Place Parking Restrictions.  A bill to codify these proposed on-street parking restrictions in the Traffic Code was read for the first time and received approval of the first reading at the February 14, 2012 Board of Aldermen meeting.  On February 28, 2012 the Board of Aldermen read for the second time and approved the bill to codify the proposed on-street parking restrictions in Davis Place Subdivision with an amendment to the restrictions on Mohawk and West Biltmore Drives.

Residents were sent a letter on March 6, 2012 with the schedule for implementation of the revised on-street parking restrictions that will occur as follows:

  • Week of March 5th – Installation of signage
  • Week of March 12th – Communication campaign (soft enforcement, warning tickets issued)
  • Week of March 19th – Issuance of violations begins

Below are copies of correspondence from the City to the residents in the eastern portion of the Davis Place Subdivision.