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Roadway and Sidewalk Improvements

On this webpage, viewers can access the status of projects managed by the Public Works Department that impact the community.  On the left you will find recent, current, and future projects.  While projects are active, status updates will be available on these pages.  Please contact the Public Works staff listed on each page for additional information on these projects.

Current Projects (click for project page)

Alley Improvements  Cracksealing

Sidewalk Improvements          Residential Resurfacing


Pavement Management Program

The City's Pavement Management Program is available for download.

Approximately once each year, Public Works provides an update to the Board of Aldermen during a Discussion Session.  The following is link a past presentation to the Board of Aldermen:  Major Projects and Pavement Management-2014

On-Call Consultants

In order to help the City complete projects on schedule, in November 2015, the City solicited qualifications from consulting firms.  The Public Works Department reviewed the submittals and selected three firms in each category.  The firms on the list below were selected and will be signing a three year on-call contract.

On-Call Consultants 2016-2019