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Civil Engineer
Steve Meyer P.E.

Claverach Park Resurfacing

Project Summary:

As part of the city's pavement maintenance program, Claverach Park Subdivision was scheduled to be resurfaced in 2013. However, for budgetary reasons, this project has been rescheduled for 2014.  In addition to removing and replacing 2" of asphalt, the project will include upgrades to curb ramps and additional curb ramps in some areas. Not only are curb ramps required by Federal law, but they improve the accessibility and walkability of our neighborhoods. In total, there are over 25 requirements that have to be met to make a ramp ADA-accessible.

A consultant, Horner & Shifrin, was hired by the city to analyze the existing curb ramps, as well as how to most effectively serve the neighborhood with additional ramps. There are several factors in Claverach Park that made this particularly challenging. For starters, selecting ramp locations is much simpler when streets meet at right angles, like at Crestwood and Hillvale. Most of the streets in Claverach Park are curvilinear, meet at odd angles, and have islands in the middle. Putting ramps in the islands would shorten crossings (making them safer), but would reduce/eliminate landscaping in the islands. Claverach Park also has many mature trees, so we chose locations that did not impact trees. We also couldn't install ramps where there are currently storm sewer inlets or driveways, and we want to consider impacts upon on-street parking.  In addition, there are steep grades in some locations, that make it impossible to meet ADA slope requirements.  Ramps also shouldn't be installed where sight distance would prevent a driver from seeing someone crossing the street.

Questions are often raised as to why curb ramps are necessary.  For an explanation, please see these videos posted by the U.S. Access Board.  While they are a bit dated, and don't include all the current requirements, they provide real-life examples of barriers to those with disabilities.

Following several meetings with trustees and residents, the concept plan was revised, and engineering plans were created.  If you would like to see the full set of engineering plans, please contact the Public Works Department.

Aerial Plan-Claverach Curb Ramps


The work is scheduled for bidding in June, with construction taking place later in the summer.  Ramps will be replaced first, followed by the mill and overlay of the street.  

Last updated: 4/16/2014