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Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program Application

Sewer Lateral Program


  1. Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 249, Sewer Districts in Certain Counties, Section 249.422
  2. City of Clayton, Missouri, Ordinance No. 5646, Establishing a Fee for the Repair of Lateral Sewer Service Lines, Passed September 11, 2001.


To establish guidelines for the City of Clayton’s Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program.


This policy applies to the repair of residential sanitary sewer laterals in the City of Clayton, Missouri. A sanitary sewer lateral is defined as the sanitary sewer pipe which extends from five (5) feet outside of the building foundation wall or exterior wall to its connection with the sanitary sewer main in the street or sewer easement. It does not include a sewer line located under any part of any building or structure. A sanitary sewer lateral may be located in a front, side, or rear yard.


  1. The owner of a single family home, townhouse, duplex, condominium, or a multi-family building containing not more than six (6) dwelling units, may recover one hundred percent (100%) of the eligible costs (up to $3,000), for repairing a defective residential sanitary sewer lateral serving the property of the owner, in compliance with the City's policy and procedures governing this program.
  2. The following costs are eligible for reimbursement under the program to the extent that they are damaged and/or removed to accomplish the repair of the sanitary sewer lateral, up to a maximum of $3,000.
    1. The cost of excavation and repair or replacement of the defective sanitary sewer lateral. This program does not cover excavation and repair under any structure, including the home.
    2. The cost of removal of any site improvements (i.e. fences, sidewalks, driveway, trees, landscaping, etc.) necessary for excavation to repair or replace the sewer.
    3. The cost of restoration of any street, street-side sidewalk, street trees (2.5" caliper maximum), tree lawn, or driveway approach.
  3. Each owner of a single family home, townhouse, duplex, condominium, or a multi-family building containing not more than six (6) dwelling units, shall be assessed $28.00 per year on their annual tax bill. Owners of residential dwellings who are delinquent in paying the tax bill will not be allowed to participate in the program.
  4. Commercial and industrial properties cannot participate in the program. Multi-family properties that contain more than six (6) dwelling units per property are not eligible for this program.
  5. This program will not cover any costs associated with sanitary sewer lateral repairs performed prior to January 1, 2002.
  6. Each single family home, townhouse, duplex, condominium, or a multi-family building containing not more than six (6) dwelling units may participate in this program not more than once per a three (3) year period on the same sanitary sewer lateral for the property in question. The three (3) year period is defined as from the date of the last approved application.
  7. Expenses for the repair of a shared or common lateral may be reimbursed up to a total of $3,000 per household the shared or common lateral serves.


  1. Property Owner: If a property owner is experiencing a problem with their sanitary sewer lateral, the property owner shall:
    1. Contact a licensed plumbing company or a licensed drainlayer company and have the line cabled or jetted. Sometimes the problem is a clogged line and not a problem with the line itself. As a common home maintenance expense, the cost of cabling or jetting is not an eligible reimburseable cost under this program.
    2. If the problem is not resolved by cabling or jetting of the line, the owner shall secure an application at the top of this web page or at the City of Clayton Department of Public Works, 314-290-8540, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. For the latest information on the Sewer Lateral Program and how to participate, please refer to the details on this web page.
    3. If the problem requires immediate repair work, the property owner is to proceed with the necessary repair work. The property owner shall be responsible for providing proof that the line was cabled or jetted and a DVD of the defect in the sanitary sewer later that is causing the problem.
    4. The property owner shall be solely responsible to hire a properly licensed contractor to perform the repairs.
    5. The property owner must obtain a Plumbing Permit from the City’s Planning and Development Department.
    6. If required, the property owner must obtain a Right of Way (ROW) Permit from the Public Works Department.
    7. The property owner (not the property occupant) must submit a complete application for participation in the program, to the Public Works Department, prior to any work, except for emergency work.
    8. After approval, and work is accomplished, the owner must provide a paid line-item invoice of the work, prior to reimbursement.
  2. The City of Clayton
    1. The City will review and will accept or deny the application.
    2. The City will review the Plumbing Permit and ROW Work Permit (if required) for final approval. Reimbursement shall not be issued until the plumbing permit has been closed and any work to restore the Right of Way has been completed and approved by the Public Works Department.
    3. After work is accepted by the property owner and a complete application has been submitted to the Department of Public Works for review and approval, the City will process a reimbursement, up to $3,000.00, directly to the property owner.


  1. All repairs shall be permitted through the City of Clayton and be in-compliance with Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District regulations.
  2. A complete application for participation in the program shall include:
    1. Certification completed by a Licensed Master Plumber/Drainlayer verifying the need for the sanitary sewer lateral repair, and the location of the repair.
    2. A DVD showing the need for repair.
    3. A paid tax receipt; for proof that the property owner has paid into the program.
    4. A plumbing permit.
    5. A Right-of-Way Permit, if work will be completed on the City’s Right-of-Way.
  3. Costs not eligible for reimbursement under the program include but are not limited to the following:
    1. The cost of interior clean-up or other damage to the interior of the home or personal property caused by sanitary sewer back-ups resulting from the failure of the sanitary sewer lateral or sanitary sewer main.
    2. The cost of lost wages or income to the home occupant or property owner due to absence from work necessary to work with the City or contractors to complete the repairs under the program.
    3. The initial cost of cabling, jetting or other methods to attempt to clear the blockage prior to repair.
    4. The cost of investigation and video taping of the sanitary sewer lateral for the defect.
    5. If it is determined that the need for such repair of the sanitary sewer lateral is the result of a natural disaster, negligence or damage caused during the course of other excavation or construction on the site.
    6. Costs related to repair, replacing, or correcting an illegal sewer lateral or line.
  4. Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Fund
    1. No individual repair shall be charged against the fund in an amount in excess of $3,000.00. Any costs in excess of this amount shall be the responsibility of the property owner.
    2. The City will invest the money collected for this Fund until needed. Any interest earned shall be added back into the Fund. The money in this fund is dedicated for the sole use of eligible sanitary sewer lateral repairs as described in this document. Reimbursements to property owners will be processed on a first come/first served basis. If eligible reimbursements exceed the amount in the Fund, reimbursements will be made in subsequent years. Property owners shall be put on a list and reimbursed as funds become available.
  5. Residents in multi-family buildings with more than six units have had to request reimbursement of the special assessment for the City of Clayton Sewer Lateral Repair Program on an annual basis. However, an authorized member of the Condo Association can write to the Collector of Revenue stating that he/she is authorized to represent the owners of said condominium complex and is requesting that the condominium be excluded from the City of Clayton Sewer Lateral Repair Program. This will prevent each condo owner from having to send an individual letter to the Collector of Revenue each year requesting reimbursement of the special assessment for the City of Clayton Sewer Lateral Repair Program. The letter should be addressed to the St. Louis County Collector of Revenue and copied to the City of Clayton.


The City may periodically amend these guidelines except as state law may restrict them.