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Tree Trimming Schedule

Street Tree Trimming

The Forestry Section of the Public Works Operations Division is responsible for the management of trees located in the public rights-of-way.  These trees, referred to as street trees, are typically located in the medians, between the curb and sidewalk or adjacent to the curb for those areas without sidewalks.  The Forestry Section trims street trees on a priority-based trimming schedule.  Trees not included in this year's tree trimming list, but noted by city crews for having possible hazardous limbs, low-hanging limbs, or limbs brushing properties, will be addressed based on the assessment of one the departments certified foresters.

Public Works/Parks Tree Inventory

A citywide tree inventory is currently underway.  The project will take place over the course of several years.  Foresters will start on the east end of Clayton and work their way westward.  At times, you may see the foresters inspecting trees along the streets and in parks.  They will be uniformed employees of Davey Resource Group, and will be carrying electronic tablets.  Half of this project is paid for through a TRIM grant from the Missouri Department of Conservation.  For additional information, please read the press release.


The Forestry Section of the Public Works Operations Division has received the following awards:
  • Tree City USA 1992 - 2014
  • Growth Award 1999, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010 
  • Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence - 2005
  • Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence - Citation of Merit - 2004 
  • Missouri Treescape - Citation of Merit - 2003

Right Tree/Right Location

The City is taking advantage of Ameren's Right Tree/Right Location Program.  Through this program, Ameren removes trees not suited to grow underneath power lines with the Forestry Section of the Public Works Operations Division approval.  The Forestry Section then replaces them with appropriate under-story trees, which are financially subsidized by Ameren.

Forestry Policy