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City of Clayton Mayor

Harold J. Sanger

Ward I

Joanne Boulton
Joanne Boulton
314-277-2640 Home

Richard Lintz
Richard Lintz
314-862-7914 Home

Ward II

Cynthia Garnholz
Cynthia Garnholz
314-338-2238 Office

Ira Berkowitz
314-290-8469 Office
314-537-0014 Cell

Ward III

Alderman Mark Winings
Mark Winings
314-725-9182 Home
314-444-7840 Office

Alex Berger III
314-862-6835 Home

Mayor & Board of Aldermen

Mayor's Office: 314-290-8470
Board of Aldermen: 314-290-8469
Fax: 314-863-0295

Meeting Times
The Board of Aldermen meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.  Meetings are held in the Council Chambers (room 201) located on the second floor at City Hall, 10 N. Bemiston Avenue.  Call 314-290-8469 for information.

Board of Aldermen Discussion Session
Discussion sessions start at 6:15 p.m. (scheduled as needed, immediately preceding the Board of Aldermen Business Sessions)

Board of Aldermen Business Session 
The business session starts at 7:00 p.m.

Roles and Duties
The legislative powers of the City Government are vested in Clayton's elected officials, which include the Mayor, who is elected at-large for a three year term, and six Aldermen, who are elected from the City's three wards on a staggered three year term basis.  The Mayor and the Board of Aldermen represent Clayton's various constituencies in establishing municipal policies and priorities and are assisted by the City administration and various advisory boards and commissions.  

Voluntary Boards, Committees, and Commissions
A member of a City of Clayton board, committee or commission serves a very important role in community life.  Residents or other individuals who serve on a board, committee or commission dedicate many hours a year in service to the City and its citizens without compensation. The input of these committee members helps to shape the policies under which the City operates. This interaction helps make the government reflective of citizen attitudes and to set the standards of service expected by the citizens. The Mayor, with Board of Aldermen approval, appoints all board, committee and commission members.

The terms of office for the various boards, committees, and commissions vary from one to five years.

Refer also to Clayton's Meeting Guidelines

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