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Centene Campus Expansion Project: Public Resource Center

Centene Corporation’s proposed campus expansion is one of the largest and most important development projects in Clayton’s history. The City of Clayton has a careful and thorough review process for all new developments, starting with planning staff review. Public involvement, from Clayton’s residents and business owners, is a vital part of this process. This page will serve as an information hub for reports, meeting information, and other resources pertaining to the Centene project.

At any time, if you have any comments about the Centene project, email them to For a complete overview of the project, visit Centene’s project page.

Resident Involvement

The City of Clayton welcomes all public comment on the Centene project. Your interest and participation is what makes Clayton such a strong community. Here are dedicated ways to provide comments and receive project updates.

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Planning Process

The City of Clayton’s project review process takes several months and includes reviews by city staff, the Plan Commission and Architectural Review Board, and the Board of Aldermen. During this process, public participation is welcome and encouraged. Please see the following dates for project meetings and related materials.

January 10, 2017 Board of Aldermen Meeting

Centene Presentation

December 19, 2016 Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board

Presentation video (Embedded below) 
Draft Meeting Minutes (Coming Soon)


December 5, 2016 Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board

Presentation video (Embedded below) 
Meeting minutes

October 26, 2016 Plan for Industrial Development Project and Fiscal/Tax Impact Analysis

This Development Plan proposes a public-private partnership between Centene Corporation and the City of Clayton. Centene proposes a $755 million mixed-use project as part of the expansion of its national headquarters in downtown Clayton. This Development Plan includes no City contribution of funds toward the project. Rather, this Plan intends facilitate a partial reduction in taxes, which will occur after the Company makes the required Project investment and after the Project is constructed, assessed and verified.  Click here for the full document.

Frequently Asked Questions

September 6, 2016 Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board

Centene Presentation [PDF]
Traffic Study Presentation [PowerPoint]
Presentation Video [Embedded Below: Note - the presentation slides are not embedded within the video, and presentations that have not been received by staff are not included] 

August 15, 2016 Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board

Centene Presentation [PDF]
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August 1, 2016 Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board

Note: The August 1 PC/ARB meeting room quickly filled to capacity and some residents could not attend the meeting. Many did to voice their comments, and they are reflected in the meeting minutes. The next PC/ARB meeting will be held at a larger venue to accommodate larger crowds. Read the City of Clayton’s statement.

Centene presentation [PDF]
Presentation video (Embedded below) 
Meeting minutes

Project Documents

Centene’s proposed campus expansion documents include project plans submitted by Centene, reports generated by Clayton city staff, and other reports. New information and reports will be posted to this page and advertised in the Clayton Connection.

Conceptual Plans (Presented by Centene and Clayco, June 6, 2016)

Parking Study (Released 06.27.16)
Parking Study Addendum (Released 08.01.16)
Parking Needs Study (Released 08.26.16) 

Traffic Study (Released 07.26.16)
The full build-out of the proposed Centene development is expected to generate 2,145 new trips during the morning peak hours and 2,225 new trips during the afternoon peak hours.
Revised Traffic Impact Study (Released 8.26.2016)

All Project Documents (Dropbox)