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Article ID: 306
Posted Date: January 25, 2016
Last Updated: January 25, 2016
Public Works: General, Recycling/Trash/Yardwaste

Question :

What is the schedule for curbside leaf pickup?


This year's schedule is similar to the  2014 schedule.  In an effort to improve efficiencies, it has been recognized that the first round of scheduled leaf collections has been so light in previous years that the Public Works Department will be reducing the number of collections to 5 from 6.  In addition, there will be collection during the week of Thanksgiving to be able to follow the revised no parking restrictions in the DeMun / HiPointe and Moorlands Subdivisions.  In years past we did not collect during this week.  Hence, the 2015 Leaf Collection Program will begin on the third week in October as opposed to first week in October as in the past.  The City appreciates your patience and cooperation with these changes to continue our efforts to provide the most cost effective services possible.


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