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Publish Date:01/29/2018

We have recently been made aware coyotes have been seen in the Davis and Polo areas, and I suspect they have been seen elsewhere. Captain Glenn posted some information on Nextdoor November 22, regarding ways to deal with coyotes and I want to update the information.

A representative from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources explained coyotes are generally found everywhere around St. Louis County and they do not trap and relocate them. The representative offered several suggestions to make them less comfortable coming around your property, including making loud noises directed at them and/or throwing items near, but not at, them. In addition, make sure there is no dog food laying out where they can get at it and make sure that trash containers, particularly when filled with food scraps, are secured so coyotes don't have a ready food source.

According to the representative, there are no known incidents in which a coyote has attacked a human in Missouri. If you do see a coyote and have a concern, contact our Dispatch Center at (314) 645-3000, and an officer will respond to the area. If you would like additional information regarding coyotes, you can go to the MO Department of Natural Resources website and search under "Coyote Control."


Chief Murphy

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