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An Update on Clayton's Community Dialogues

Publish Date:01/21/2019

In October of 2018, Strategic Applications International (SAI), a subcontractor of 21CP Solutions (21CP) began ethnographic research of the Clayton community to understand the community better, along with its diversity and strengths, as well as the Clayton Police Department’s (CPD) relationship with those they interact with in Clayton. SAI conducted over 80 community interviews throughout October, November, and December of 2018. Participants represented a cross-section of Clayton residents, individuals who work in Clayton, members of the Board of Aldermen and employees of the police department as well as Washington University students, officials and professors. The eighty participants were identified from suggestions made by city leaders, police department, university officials, other participants and responses to a solicitation in the city’s newsletter and electronic publications. SAI also conducted “cold interviews” with people we met at coffee shops and restaurants. In addition, 21CP held listening sessions with the CPD. Using the information gathered, SAI has drafted an outline for next steps in Clayton and presented it to City leadership. The strategy is to hold small group meetings with different segments of the community at the end of January using appreciative inquiry and problem solving facilitation tools to create safe and constructive places for dialogue.  SAI will use the input from these small group meetings to then draft a work plan for the City of Clayton by Feb/March 2019 that will reflect both the community and the police department’s goals and needs. 

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