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Clayton Community Engagement Report Now Available

Publish Date:07/03/2019 3:30 PM

In October 2018, the City of Clayton began a public engagement process in order to continue important conversations regarding race and equity in our community and how these relate to all services the City provides. 21st Century Policing Solutions (21CPS) and their partner Strategic Applications International (SAI) led this process for us. The City chose 21CPS and SAI based on their diverse team of experts, some of whom served on President Obama's 21st Century Task Force on Policing. Both have extensive experience working with diverse communities dealing with complex issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and worked diligently to deliver a plan that was specifically designed for our community.

Approximately 112 people participated in the community discussions led by SAI and 21CPS over the last few months. Just under 80% of participants were Clayton residents, with about half of those self-identifying as homeowners. The City appreciates all those who took the time to get involved in these important discussions about the future of our community. Today, we received the final report from 21CPS and SAI outlining their findings and recommendations which can be found at We will be adding information to in the future regarding the status of each goal.

The recommendations in the plan build on inclusivity and bring key stakeholder groups together to help design a community driven action plan through strategic engagement and constructive feedback. In short, the recommendations are as follows:

  1. Goal 1: Create opportunities for the City, Clayton Police Department (CPD), business owners and community residents to engage, on a regular basis, priority areas of community building that will create a Clayton that accurately reflects the community’s perception.
  2. Goal 2: 21CPS and its partners recommend a thorough audit of the East Central Dispatch Center (ECDC) policy regarding the criteria used to determine when a Suspicious Person Call warrants the dispatch of an officer.
  3. Goal 3: On a regular basis, the City of Clayton should survey individuals who have gone through their municipal court system to learn more about defendant and plaintiff experiences with both the judicial system in Clayton as well as the police department.
  4. Goal 4: Develop a Critical Incident Communications Plan between the Clayton Police Department, Clayton Mayor and Board of Aldermen, and the City Manager that defines a “critical incident” and outlines standard operating procedures for public communications, i.e. press conferences, public/media statements, and investigation timelines.

Some of the recommendations in their report are items the City has already completed as part of prior initiatives or is in the process of implementing.

We will continue learning from each other and make our City stronger for future generations.

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