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Weekly Police Incident Report: September 23rd - September 29th

Publish Date:09/30/2019 4:11 PM

For the reporting period of Monday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 29th, Clayton Police Officers responded to 514 calls for service, including 15 vehicle accidents & 35 calls to assist the Fire Department.  Among those calls were the following events:

Early Monday morning, 3 vehicles in the 200 block of S. Meramec were discovered to have been damaged by unknown persons.  Shortly thereafter, a vehicle in the 200 block of S. Bemiston was found to have been damaged in the same manner, sometime over the weekend.  Monday afternoon, officers returned to the 200 block of S. Meramec after damage was discovered to 7 additional vehicles, all parked in the Metro Garage after 7am.  All of the incidents are believed to be related & officers have developed a suspect in the cases. 


Also occurring Monday morning, a resident reported that he was notified someone had opened a small personal loan in his name & without his consent. 


Monday afternoon, a foreman at the Centene construction site in the 7700 block of Forsyth, reported someone had stolen an ATV from the 7500 block of Forsyth sometime between Saturday morning & Monday afternoon.  The ATV was parked in the construction area with the keys in the ignition.  Monday, a construction worker reported seeing an unknown subject, dressed in construction clothing, driving the vehicle in the area of Hanley & Forsyth.  The vehicle was discovered Tuesday by Washington University Security after they located it abandoned in a ditch on their property in the 7400 block of Forsyth.  The investigation is ongoing. 


Monday night, officers responded to IHOP after employees reported a patron was attempting to leave without paying for his meal.  Employees attempted to prevent the subject from leaving before officers could arrive & the male suspect responded by assaulting an employee as he attempted to flee.  The man was arrested for assault 4th & petty larceny.


Early Tuesday morning, a traffic stop in the 6300 block of Forsyth resulted in the arrest of the driver for DWI.  This was the driver’s 2nd alcohol related arrest.


Later Tuesday morning, a resident in the 400 block of Corporate Park reported her cellular phone had been lost or stolen sometime after 7pm Monday evening.  Investigation is ongoing.


Tuesday afternoon, a local business manager responded to the PD lobby to make a delayed report.  She stated she purchased a money order on the 13th & did not complete the “payable to” portion.  She returned to work & placed it in her purse which was left unattended in an “employee only” area.  When she returned to the purse later that day, she discovered the money order was missing.  She was later informed the money order had been made payable to another employee & was deposited into that individual’s account on the 16th


Early Wednesday morning, officers responded to the 8000 block of Kingsbury after OnStar notified St. Louis Metro PD a stolen vehicle was believed to be in the area.  The vehicle was located with 2 occupants, neither being the owner, seated inside.  After investigation, the driver was arrested for Tampering 1st degree.  The passenger was released after it was determined they were not involved in the theft of the vehicle. 


Wednesday afternoon, a business in the 100 block of S. Hanley reported an employee is suspected of stealing from the company.  The employee failed to deposit 2 separate bank deposits & has since stopped responding to work & will not return calls.


Later Wednesday afternoon, officers were called in reference to a female subject behaving erratically.  Officers contacted the woman who was struggling with aspects of her mental health.  It was determined she was a threat to herself & officers assisted in escorting her to a local hospital for treatment. 


Wednesday evening, officers responded to the St. Louis County Jail after an inmate was found attempting to conceal a glass vial of unknown powder.  The inmate refused to identify the powder & she was arrested for possession of a suspected controlled substance.  She was released to the custody of jail staff. 


Thursday morning, officers were contacted by a financial institution in the 100 block of N. Meramec in reference to a suspicious transaction.  According to bank employees, a male subject responded to the bank on Wednesday & wrote a check to cash for a large sum of money.  Bank employees discovered the account information did not match what the bank had on file & the man left without obtaining any funds.  It was later discovered he had attempted other withdraws from the same account at other local branches.


Thursday afternoon, employees at a different financial institution in the 100 block of N. Meramec reported a fraudulent check had been cashed at their location earlier in the week.  Due to the amount of the requested withdraw, the female subject who presented the check was issued $5,000 in cash & the remainder of the request was issued in a cashier’s check.  It was discovered the female & her accomplices are suspected of similar transactions throughout the St. Louis area.


Thursday night, 2 male subjects stole multiple items, including Tide laundry pods, from CVS without making any attempt to purchase them.  The men were located nearby at a MetroLink station & arrested for the thefts. 


Friday morning, a female subject responded to this department to report her vehicle had been damaged on the 20th while parked on the US Bank parking lot in the 10 block of N. Hanley Rd.  There are not witnesses to this event & investigation is ongoing.


Later Friday morning, officers responded to the 400 block of S. Brentwood after a caller reported his passenger became unconscious while in the vehicle.  It was determined the passenger was under the influence of a controlled substance & was experiencing a medical emergency.  EMS personnel responded & the subject was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.


Friday afternoon, officers received a call wherein the caller expressed concern for her friend’s wellbeing.  Contact was made with the friend who was struggling with her mental health.  She agreed to respond to a local hospital with officers to seek medical attention.


Friday evening, officers returned to the St. Louis County Jail after staff reported a female inmate attempted to conceal what is believed to be Fentanyl & Xanax on her person.  She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in the jail & was left in the custody of jail staff.


Later Friday evening, a resident in the 7500 block of Parkdale reported an unknown subject stole packages from the lobby of her building.  The packages contained math textbooks she had ordered online. 


Late Friday evening, an officer was on patrol in the area of Maryland & Gay when he was flagged down by a resident who reported witnessing a vehicle leave the scene of an accident.  A search of the area resulted in the discovery of the striking vehicle in a nearby driveway.  The driver was contacted & admitted to knowingly leaving after striking the vehicle.  Further investigation lead to the arrest of the driver for DWI.


Saturday afternoon, an employee at a restaurant in the central business district reported a male subject stole her cell phone off of the front counter.  The employee confronted the thief & her phone was returned to her prior to the arrival of officers.  The suspect was located nearby & as officers attempted to take him into custody, he assaulted officers & resisted arrest.  Officers were eventually able to take the suspect into custody without injury to him or themselves.  It was later determined he was suffering from a mental health crisis which accounted for his erratic behavior.  Officers transported him to a nearby hospital for medical treatment without any further incident. 


Later Saturday afternoon, a resident in the 7500 block of Wellington Way reported his 2014 Infinity QX60 was stolen from in front of his residence.  He stated he parked the vehicle at approximately 12:45am & discovered both the vehicle & its keys were missing just before 1pm.  He believed the vehicle was locked & the keys had been placed in their normal storage place near the front door. 


He stated he awoke at approximately 5:30am to unlock the front door for the nanny, whom they expected to arrive shortly thereafter.  earlier in the morning to

Thursday night, officers were contacted by a subject who was concerned by their roommate’s behavior.  Contact was made with the roommate & it was determined she was struggling with her mental health.  She voluntarily elected to seek treatment at a local hospital.


Early Sunday morning, a traffic stop in the area of Big Bend & Forsyth resulted in the arrest of the driver for DWI. 


A short time later, a traffic stop in the area of N. Hanley & Forsyth also resulted in the arrest of the driver for DWI.


Finally, Sunday evening, officers responded to a report of 4 subjects possibly rummaging through vehicles in the Metro Garage located in the 200 block of S. Meramec.  MetroLink officers stopped 4 male subjects (2 adults & 2 juveniles) at the Forsyth MetroLink station, in University City.  They were found in possession of air soft guns, masks, bags of cash & 3 sets of vehicle keys.  Clayton officers identified the individuals for investigative purposes.  The subjects were left in the custody of MetroLink officers when it was determined there was no evidence a crime had occurred within the City of Clayton. 


If you have any information related to the above investigations, please contact the Clayton Police Department at (314)645-3000.



Stay safe!

Cpl. Jenny Schwartz


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