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Potential Sale and Development of Hanley and Wydown Parking Lot

Publish Date:11/18/2019 2:35 PM

The City is considering the sale and subsequent development of its Hanley and Wydown parking lot located at 602 S. Hanley Road. The process began with the Board of Aldermen considering an ordinance approving a sale agreement for the property at its public meeting on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. The agenda item generated significant public discussion and the Board of Aldermen decided to table the item until a future date. Staff expects the item to reappear on the Tuesday, December 10, 2019 agenda.

Several questions arose from the October 22nd public discussion. The City has compiled a list of responses to those questions that were asked during the meeting or have been since.

City of Clayton, Missouri
602 South Hanley RoadProject Information


  1. The Project:

    Savoy Properties has proposed a 4-story plus penthouse rooftop access condominium building at the southeast corner of Hanley Road and Wydown Boulevard. The building would be constructed on the City owned parking lot, 602 South Hanley Road, and on two parcels to the south, 612 & 618 South Hanley Road.  The building would have 15 condo units, 3,700 square feet of retail space, 59 parking spaces for the condos and retail space, and 41 public parking spaces.

  2. Lot Sale:

    The developer has offered the City $225,000 and 41 public parking spaces in exchange for its parking lot. The City had its lot appraised to evaluate the offer. The independent appraiser assessed the market value of lot to be $720,000, and the 41 public parking spaces to be worth $570,000. The total of the purchase price and the value of the 41 spaces equals $795,000, exceeding the total appraised value. The sale will only be implemented if the project obtains complete approvals throughout the review process. 

  3. Existing Conditions:

    The City owned parcel, 602 South Hanley Road, is a surface parking lot with 27 parking spaces, 15 spaces are leased and 12 are available by meter. The parking lot is zoned C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District.  The parking lot annually generates $12,000 in gross City revenues. The City does incur expenses for payment repair, striping, meter collection/repair, landscaping, and salt/plowing; but could only roughly estimate these expenses.

    612 & 618 South Hanley Road have two multifamily buildings with 4 apartment units each. Both parcels are zoned R-6 Medium Density Multi-Family Dwelling District.

  4. C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District:

    C-1 is the most restrictive commercial district intended to provide a variety of goods and services within a pedestrian friendly commercial environment, compatible to adjacent residential areas, thereby maintaining the quality of life in established neighborhoods.

    The maximum building height in C-1 is 3 stories, not to exceed 35 feet above grade. The maximum building height may be modified subject to the provisions and requirements of the planned unit development process or the special development district process.

  5. R-6 Medium Density Multi-Family Dwelling District:

    R-6 is intended to allow single-family, two-family and low, mid-level and medium density multi-family dwellings. This district also allows for non-residential land uses, which provide services to the residential district on a conditional use permit basis.

    The maximum building height in R-6 is 3 stories or 45 feet above grade, whichever is less. Multiple-family buildings may exceed the maximum height restriction of 3 stories or 45 feet above grade provided that the front, rear and side yard setbacks are increased commensurately.

  6. Planned Unit Development:

    The planned unit development process provides the flexibility to amend current zoning in order to encourage innovative residential development that is consistent to neighborhood character. The purpose of the planned unit development process is to foster appropriate use of existing buildings and enable compatible redevelopment which provide public benefit.

  7. City Master & Business District Plans:

    The City’s Master Plan in its Future Land Use Plan map recommends commercial development on the City’s Hanley & Wydown parking lot and mid-density multi-family development of 24-45 units per acre on 612 & 618 South Hanley Road. The Master Plan identifies the east side of Hanley Road between the Hanley & Wydown intersection and Central School as an area for potential development.

  8. Parking & Traffic:

    The City parking lot has 27 spaces. 15 of the spaces are leased to area residents and businesses. 12 spaces are available by meter and free nights and weekends. As a condition of the sale, the developer has committed to providing replacement public parking during the term of construction, as well as off-site construction parking.  The proposed development would provide 41 parking spaces that will be available to the public and rates and hours of enforcement would be the same as enforced by the City.

    When the developer submits a zoning application both the proposed parking and traffic impacts will be evaluated by an independent traffic engineer. The developer anticipates requesting from St. Louis County a temporary Hanley Road traffic lane closure and lane shifts during construction.

  9. Evaluation Process

    Steps outlined below are sequential (step one must be completed before moving to step 2, etc.). The entire process is expected to take 4 to 6 months.

    • The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will consider the contract to sell the City owned parking lot a future public meeting, scheduled for December 10, 2019.
    • The developer will conduct a public Community Conference as outlined by the City’s Planned Unit Development requirements and others as needed.
    • The Developer will submit a formal application for plan, zoning, and architectural review by the Plan Commission. The application will be available on the City’s website once it is received.
    • The City will commission a traffic and parking study to evaluate the submitted project and make them available to the public.
    • The Plan Commission and Architectural Review Board will hold a public hearing to consider the proposed development.
    • Depending on the recommendation of the Plan Commission, the rezoning and site plan for the development may be considered during a public meeting by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.
    • After all approvals have been obtained and depending on the vote of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the City and the developer may close on the property.

      All of the above steps provide opportunities for public input.

  10. Additional Information
    The City’s Master Plan, Zoning Map, Business Districts Master Plan, and an explanation of zoning are available on the City’s website,, under the Planning & Development Services Department.

Comments, suggestions, and questions may be submitted by email at or you can contact Gary Carter, Director of Economic Development at 290-8467.

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