Service Changes Due to COVID-19: 

Changes, closures and cancellations have occurred to many of Clayton's facilities, meetings, events and services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click for updated information.

About Clayton Community Foundation

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The Clayton Community Foundation (CCF) is an independent 501(c)(3) that provides a first-time civic mechanism for raising private funds for projects that are consistent with the City’s Mission and Master Plan. Contributions to this non-profit entity are tax deductible and privately managed.

Priorities are defined by working with residential and corporate citizens, consulting with City staff, referencing citizen surveys, and collaborating with volunteer community Boards and Commissions.  CCF encourages the engagement and involvement of people from around the area.

Nationally, innovative cities are finding that community-based private nonprofits like CCF are an effective strategy for funding desired cultural, heritage, wellness and recreational capital improvements in a community. Determining how best to meet both present and future needs is what leading communities must do to further an enriched environment that fosters economic growth, opportunities for public interaction, improved green spaces and ways to attract new residents, workers and visitors.

In Clayton, we are fortunate to experience many amenities on a daily basis because of a healthy tradition of balanced residential, retail and corporate taxation. City government provides for outstanding public safety, capital infrastructure and other essential services. However, Clayton is not immune to environmental pressures, fierce competition and municipal fiscal trends.  CCF helps to address City challenges with a privately funded “margin of excellence.” 

The CCF Board of Directors includes residents, corporate representatives, community leaders, elected liaisons to the Board of Aldermen, and representatives of CCF’s four core initiatives:  Arts, Parks, History and Sustainability. A citizen treasurer ensures fiduciary stewardship of all funds. 


Patty DeForrest