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Citizens who serve as members of Clayton's boards and commissions provide the Mayor, the Board of Aldermen and City staff with insight into established policy areas and citizens' interests and concerns. These advisory groups analyze issues within their purview and provide recommendations to City officials and staff. Duties for these groups are set forth in the City's Charter and by ordinance; some are empowered by a Board directive or resolution. An aldermanic representative is assigned to each of these groups to facilitate communication between the advisory body and the Board of Aldermen. A member of City staff is assigned to provide administrative support.

Generally, these boards and commissions serve in advisory capacities to the City's elected officials and appointed administrators. Final legislative authority and policy remains with the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen.

Since 1957, Clayton has operated under a Council-Manager form of government. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen appoint a professional administrator who is responsible for carrying out Board policies and appointing and supervising City staff. Under City Charter, the City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for recommending policy, developing the annual budget and insuring that the City operates efficiently and effectively.

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Agendas and Minutes:

Meeting TitleMeeting DateAgendaMinutes
Board of Adjustment01/03/2019AgendaMinutes
Parks and Recreation Commission01/07/2019AgendaShowMinutes
Plan Commission Architectural Review Board01/07/2019AgendaMinutes
Board of Aldermen01/08/2019 6:15 PMAgendaMinutes
Board of Aldermen01/22/2019 7:00 PMAgendaMinutes
Sustainability Advisory Committee01/24/2019AgendaMinutes
Clayton Century Foundation01/30/2019AgendaMinutes
Parks and Recreation Commission02/04/2019AgendaMinutes
Plan Commission Architectural Review Board02/04/2019 5:30 PMAgendaMinutes
Board of Adjustment02/07/2019AgendaMinutes
Board of Aldermen02/12/2019 6:00 PMAgendaMinutes
Clayton Recreation Sports and Wellness Commission02/15/2019AgendaMinutes
Plan Commission Architectural Review Board02/19/2019 5:30 PMAgendaMinutes
Board of Aldermen02/26/2019 6:00 PMAgendaMinutes
Sustainability Advisory Committee02/28/2019AgendaNot Available
Parks and Recreation Commission03/04/2019AgendaMinutes
Plan Commission Architectural Review Board03/04/2019 5:30 PMAgendaMinutes
Board of Adjustment03/07/2019AgendaMinutes
Board of Aldermen03/12/2019 7:00 PMAgendaMinutes
Plan Commission Architectural Review Board03/18/2019 5:30 PMAgendaMinutes
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