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Community Equity Commission

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Roles and Duties

The Community Equity Commission (Bill No. 6759) was established to provide the Mayor and Board of Aldermen with an additional resource as well as special insight and guidance on matters of equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on ways to:

  1. Promote community awareness and education on the value of diversity to the community;
  2. Promote equity on the basis of economic status, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, marital status, lawful source of income, physical or mental disability, familial status, sexual orientation, and gender identity;
  3. Evaluate and develop actionable equity recommendations to be used to examine and strengthen policies, practices, services and programs, which will establish the Commission as a community resource and regional leader;
  4. Promote responsiveness of government to concerns of all minority groups and others that may be subject to bias or discrimination in the community; and
  5. Encourage the creation and continuation of community equity, diversity and inclusion awareness efforts, programs, and activities that are available and accessible to all community members.

Board Information

7 members

Source of Authority
Section 140.040 of the municipal code


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen voted to establish the new Community Equity Commission on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 and are now accepting applications to serve on the Commission.

A member of a City of Clayton board, committee or commission serves a very important role in community life. Residents or other individuals who serve on a board, committee or commission dedicate many hours a year in service to the City and its citizens without compensation. The input of these committee members helps to shape the policies under which the City operates. This interaction helps make the government reflective of citizen attitudes and to set the standards of service expected by the citizens. The Mayor, with Board of Aldermen approval, appoints all board, committee and commission members.

If you are interested in serving on the Community Equity Commission, please contact your Aldermen and complete an application. First review of applications will begin Friday, November 8.

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