Community Conversations

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21st Century Policing Solutions (21CPS) has been asked by the city to assist with developing and implementing a process to assess and build stronger relationships with the city, the Clayton Police Department and the community they both serve.  Previous work between 21CPS and Clayton included a review of all Police Department policies and procedures and review of an internal investigation of an incident occurring in July 2018 that generated public and media attention. This situation has created an opportunity to continue important conversations regarding race and equity in our community and how these relate to all services the city provides.  21CPS will guide the city through these conversations.


This public engagement process will deliver the following outcomes:

1. Improved relationship between the minority community –residents, students, and visitors--, the broader community and the police.

2. Clear steps that each of the key stakeholders can take to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all people, regardless of race, color, language, or age.

3. Identify specific steps that will allow the Police Department and the City to continue to further apply the principles of procedural justice, and constitutional policing. 

4. Educate and engage the public to understand the specifics of law enforcement training, policies, procedures and supervision that contribute to constitutional policing.

5. Identify what the community, including the WU community, can do to establish an authentic dialogue of listening and learning to determine how we can all work together for a better community environment.

The 21CPS engagement team anticipates using the Appreciative Inquiry method to gain a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder perspectives and engage them in self-determined change.

  • As part of the initial evaluation of the situation, our engagement team will meet with all the key stakeholder groups to get at the underlying issues affecting each of the stakeholder groups.
  • Consider facilitating a day long action planning process as part of the bridge building to identify the specific problems, barriers and solutions.
  • Develop consensus around specific action steps to be taken by each of the key stakeholder groups.
  • Our engagement team shall produce an action plan based on the summit and facilitate the work of the key stakeholder groups over 12 months.
  • We will produce a monthly dashboard of progress made to achieve the action plan.
  • Final product: a report of the process, implementation of interventions, and status of objectives of the action plan.

The outline above is just the beginning. Further details about the elements in this process will follow and be posted through the City's normal communication channels. Stay updated by connecting with us today.