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Permit and Fee Revenue

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Permit and license fees related to building construction or remodeling activities within the City are tracked in the General Fund. Permit monies are almost always specifically dedicated to the particular operation/service involved and within the General Fund. The fees for these activities are calculated on a sliding scale based on the value of construction and are collected by the City at the time of the application. Below are some examples of permits that would require an application or service fee.

  • Building Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Occupancy & Tenancy Permits
  • Fire Safety Permits
  • Landscape Architect Review
  • Plan Review

Building Permit revenue makes up the majority of revenue in this category, with approximately 54% received from this source.

The City has seen an increase in this revenue source over the past four fiscal years. Significantly higher levels of revenue than were experienced in FY 2015 are expected in FY 2016 due to several large-scale building projects. The City believes there will continue to be slight to moderate growth in this category as economic growth and planning increase locally, regionally and nationally. Large annual increases in this category, such as occurred in FY 2015, are generally attributable to one or two large scale developments and are usually short-term in nature.