Service Changes Due to COVID-19: 

Changes, closures and cancellations have occurred to many of Clayton's facilities, meetings, events and services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click for updated information.
Clayton Fire Department

Fire Safety Construction Application and Plan Submission

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With the escalating impact of COVID-19, the Clayton Fire Department is committed to reducing the spread of the virus.  Physical onsite inspections have been suspended until social distancing requirements are relaxed.  To maintain the critical permitted inspection process, we are offering Remote Video Inspections (RVI) as an alternative to physical inspection in some applications.  The permit holder must contact our office to set up an inspection and be able to support a live FaceTime (preferred) or like video applications (Skype or Zoom) session at the project site.  The person who performed the work must be on site with the approved plans and available to answer questions.  The camera must be operated by the permit holder or designee and be prepared to verify dimensions at the direction of the inspector.

The fire department has provided you with two ways to submit your application and pick up your permit. Option #1 is the preferred method and should yield a faster turnaround time over option #2.


FIRE SAFETY CONSTRUCTION online applications are available on our website .  Once your application is complete, email your application and drawings to  Scanned or electronic drawings smaller than 8 MB can be attached to the email for submittal.  For files larger than 8 MB, a link and permission to a file share location is required.  A new application has been created to assist you in your application process.


Application for on-line permits are as follows:

1. Apply for your permit as indicated in the above paragraph. When you email your application and drawings, please put in the subject line, “FIRE SAFETY APPLICATION-(ADD ADDRESS)”

2. When your permit and drawings are approved, you will be notified that your permit is ready.  Payment must be made prior to the fire department sending your approved permit and drawings electronically.  This can be done by completing a Credit Card Authorization Form sent to you when your permit is approved. 

3. Email the Credit Card Authorization back to the fire department.  Upon approval of payment, your approved permit and plans will be returned to you.



FIRE SAFETY CONTRUCTION Application and Plans can be submitted with accompanying documents rolled or folded together and left in the appropriately designated container.   A map is attached for your review.  Please be advised that per a study from the National Institutes of Health  (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all received paper documents will be quarantined for a period of 48 hours prior to being processed.