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Fitness Classes

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The Center of Clayton offers an incredible variety of exercise classes including Group Fitness, Pilates, Tai Chi, Spinning®, TRX, Yoga, and Zumba. Click on the Fitness Schedule button below to see the current class schedule or visit our online registration site for future classes and registration.

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Balance for Life

Balance for Life will work to improve leg strength, posture, and coordination, all of which are key elements of balance. Class is performed both standing and seated, using body weight, dumbbells, resistance tubing and other tools. 

Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is a full body workout that blends Pilates, stretching and traditional ballet choreography to define and challenge the body in a whole new way. Small controlled movements, isometric holds, light weights, high repetition and upbeat music are used to work the entire body in a low-impact, high-intensity fun class.  The result is a strong core, improved posture & toned muscles! 

Cardio Combo

This high-energy workout increases metabolism by pushing you through intervals of exercise and recovery. Each day, you will use different equipment, combining both cardio and resistance exercises. Your heart rate will rise, your muscle tone will improve, and your agility will increase. 

Cardio Pump 

This interval class is your cardio and strength workout all in one. Strength intervals mixed with short burst cardio intervals will build endurance and muscle strength. Each class will include various resistance equipment and formats to keep you challenged. 


Essentrics is a full body workout that changes & aligns your body through strengthening and stretching. The Esmonde-White technique develops lean, strong & flexible muscles, changing the overall shape of your body & posture. It draws from Tai-Chi, creating flow & balance; theories of ballet, creating long, lean & flexible muscles and pain relieving principles of Pilates and physiotherapy.


Blast fat and calories with this high intensity workout. HIIT is a training technique with short, intense, unsustainable bursts of physical activity paired with intervals of quick rest. It will get and keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling offers cardiovascular conditioning, endurance building and lower body strength training. The Stages Cycling bikes help you to set your own goals and track your fitness progress with performance gauged computers and the smooth magnetic resistance. Classes are high energy with a variety of formats including speed work, duration rides, and interval training to challenge both the seasoned outdoor cyclist and new riders. Please arrive on time to set up bike.


INSANITY is a revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training, which results in more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism. INSANITY’s interval training has been designed to give participants a safe, challenging results-driven experience, providing a variety of modifications for all fitness levels. 


This class is for those who want to take their bodies to the limit. It will always bring a surprise to your system. On some days we’ll use resistance exercises and equipment to build strength & stability while other times we’ll use your bodyweight, going as hard as you can & as intense as you want it to be. The result will be to burn fat and build power.  

Lunch Express Cycling

Join us for this 45-minute Indoor Cycling class during your lunch hour (see Indoor Cycling for more information).

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat class employs body weight resisted movement to strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back to improve balance and trunk strength and flexibility. Using your body weight as the primary source of resistance with a floor mat for cushion and support, this class emphasizes the foundational principals of Pilates while offering modifications and variations. Additional equipment including resistance bands and a Magic circle may also be incorporated. This class is appropriate for all levels. 


Pump is a low impact workout that strengthens, tones and defines every major muscle group.  Each class will incorporate different resistance equipment including weights, bands and stability balls along with Pilates style core resistance exercises. Recovery stretches will complete the class, providing a complete, full body workout. 


This low-intensity, low-impact class combines cardiovascular conditioning with strength and flexibility exercises. Great for beginners and seniors! 


Combines high intensity interval training with music.  In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits, to reach your fitness goals faster.

Tai Chi 

The course is an introduction to Tai Chi where the core muscles are very important. You will be guided through movements that make the core strong, helping with balance and promote limber joints. These movements/exercises build tour chi, the life force energy which moves through your body.  Making your chi strong is why Tai Chi exercises are good for your health and wellness, both mentally and physically. Both beginners and experienced participants are welcome.

Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning combines various types of cardio and strength training exercises to get you moving and toned up!  Excellent full body workout followed by core training & stretch. 


TRX® Suspension Training® is a revolutionary total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. This fast-paced class uses the TRX as well as sometimes incorporating other floor based cardio exercises to encourage heart rate elevation. Students with shoulder injuries should consult instructor to discuss beforehand. Some experience in strength based exercise is helpful.

Yoga Cycle

Yoga Cycle is a combination class starting with a lower intensity cycle class intended to provide a cardio workout and warm up the body to prepare for an alignment based yoga asana practice on the mat to strengthen and stretch the body. This class is appropriate for all levels of Indoor Cycling as well as Yoga. Truly a mind body class - like riding your bicycle to the yoga studio all in one room!

Yoga Mindful Flow

This class is designed to promote awareness of breath and movement. You will practice different breathing techniques and a series of yoga sequences with a slow pace that will give you time to connect with your breath and to tune inward. Some classes will also integrate the philosophy of yoga into the postures. All levels are welcome.

Yoga-Open Levels

Open Levels is for those with previous yoga experience or beginners in good physical condition. Variations are offered to support different levels. Principles of breath and alignment are employed to increase strength, flexibility, and awareness. Taught in dynamic style, alternating movement synchronized with breath (vinyasa) and held postures (active stillness). 

Yoga Vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing sequence of poses, synchronized with breath. Participants will move from one pose to the next, incorporating breath, awareness and alignment principles. 


Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring fun, rhythmic, easy-to-follow routines performed primarily to Latin dance music, but also incorporates other music genres including pop music. The routines feature varied aerobic intervals with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body, providing an overall fitness workout.  No experience dancing? No problem. Just jump right in and get started. Everyone is welcome!

Water Fitness

Water fitness is fantastic at building strength as water offers natural resistance. Any exercise done in water is going to be more effective at building strength than if you had performed the same exercise on land. The reason is that water is about 12 to 14 times denser than air. Due to the natural resistance of water, exercises such as walking in water can burn twice as many calories an hour than walking on land. Additionally, the water provides support for the body, making it less likely for a muscle, bone or joint to get injured. Water supports up to 80% of your weight, thereby causing less strain on the joints, back, and torso when compared to exercises performed on land. 

Class Participation Options:

  1. Session Registration: Sessions are generally 8 weeks long, except during our Holiday Mini-Session, which runs for 4 weeks during December and January.  Most classes can be joined after the start date and will be prorated for missed classes. Registered participants are NOT eligible for a refund or credit for missed classes except those cancelled by The Center.
  2. Pay by Day: Join class for a one-time visit using our daily drop-in class fee, regardless of membership or resident status.

Check-In Procedure

All class participants must check in at the front desk prior to each class, regardless of membership status. At the front desk, all paid participants will receive a class pass which will be collected by the instructor at the start of class. Participants without a pass will be asked to return to the front desk to obtain one.