Parks & Recreation Projects

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Last Page Update: 11/30/18

Below are updates for projects currently underway with Clayton Parks and Recreation. 

DeMun Park Renovation

The playgrounds at DeMun Park are scheduled to be replaced in 2018. The City of Clayton has created a master plan for the park to plan possible additional renovations to the park as a whole. A design team has been hired to create final designs for the project. Please attend the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in August for details. Fundraising for park amenities is also underway; visit for details. 

Project Files

Master Plan Forum Presentation

August 7, 2017 Plan Update

FY2018 Budget Project Information

August 3, 2018 Project Designs

Nov. 13, 2018 BOA Presentation

Project Dates

Master Plan Public Forum: 5.10.17
Public Discussions: 5.23.17 & 5.25.17
Design Public Forum: July 11
Parks & Rec Commission: Aug. 7
Board of Aldermen: Aug. 22
Ward I Meeting: 3.10.18
Parks & Rec Commission: Aug. 6

Expected Construction Start: Mar. 2019
Expected Completion: June 2019

Project Funding

TBD: $522,000 estimated

Fundraising by the Clayton Century Foundation

#2 Oak Knoll Park Building Roof

The roof on the building at #2 Oak Knoll Park, which houses the St. Louis Community Foundation, is nearing the end of its useful life. Completion of this project is expected to reduce leaks and ongoing maintenance associated with the current roof. Replacement is the responsibility of the City as the owner of the building and as written in the lease agreement with the tenant.

Project Files

FY2019 Budget Project Summary


Project Dates

Project Bid: 8/28/18 - 9/25/18

Construction Start: May 2019 

Expected Completion: Sept. 2019

Project Funding

City Funds: $600,000

Center of Clayton Renovations

As the Center nears its twentieth year of operation, mechanical systems including the aquatic center air quality control unit are in need of replacement. These large systems have reached their life expectancy and replacement will enable the Center to continue to handle its large volume of daily visitors.  The project will also include enhancements of the member experience through improved and expanded amenities as well as energy conservation strategies. 

Project Files

FY2019 Budget Project Summary

Preliminary Designs November 2018


Project Dates

Architect RFQ: 7/3 - 7/27, 2018

CRSWC Presentation: Nov. 30, 2018

Project Bid: TBD

Construction Start: TBD

Expected Completion: TBD

Project Funding

City Bonds: 4 million 

School District Bonds: 4 million

Project Clear in Anderson Park (MSD)

As part of Metropolitan Sewer District's (MSD) wastewater management plans, Project Clear includes tunnel construction in Anderson Park. The park is through February 2021 and will reopen with a rebuilt Dog Park and added drainage enhancements.  The easement for the project was approved by the BOA in September 2015.  Project Clear information is available at Questions or concerns about construction should be directed to Clay Haynes at (314) 802-7039 during normal business hours.

Project Files

Tunnel Bid Information

Project Presentation - Sept. 2018

Project Information - Summer 2018

Project Dates

Construction Bid (via MSD): June 2016

Construction Start: November 2018
Expected Completion: February 2021

Project Funding

The project and restoration are funded by MSD.