Mission Statement

In partnership with the community, our mission is to assist Clayton in achieving its vision for the future by providing knowledgeable, professional and responsive service.  We will:

  • Promote public health, safety and welfare
  • Administer all codes and ordinances in a consistent manner
  • Provide prompt, courteous service and accurate information to all of our customers
  • Review projects efficiently and thoroughly
  • Consider the effect of our actions on current and future generations
  • Acknowledge the diversity of our customers and their needs (such as citizens, developers, business owners, city officials and other public agencies)
  • Promote and maintain ethics and transparency in our activities and honest and open communication with our customers


The Department is divided into two interrelated divisions. 

The Planning and Zoning Division is primarily responsible for providing professional planning and zoning related services in order to promote responsible growth and to ensure that the City remains a sustainable, well-designed and prosperous community within a business-friendly environment, specifically through:

  • Guiding and facilitating development projects within the City of Clayton
  • Reviewing and processing of development applications, platting of property and code amendments
  • Interpreting and applying zoning regulations and future land use plans

The Building Division is primarily responsible for ensuring structures are built and maintained in conformance with building codes, approved plans and permits, and are safe for occupancy, specifically by:

  • Receiving and reviewing building plans and permit applications
  • Issuing building permits
  • Answering building code related questions
  • Scheduling and conducting building inspections
  • Administering the Property Maintenance Code
  • Providing Code Enforcement Services

The duties of each division overlap and often reflect different stages in an overall development process.   

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The staff of the Planning and Development Department also guide and support the work of the following Boards and Commissions:



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The Architectural Review Board considers all exterior modifications to structures (including fences, signage, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, etc.) on public and private property   If you are making any type of changes to the exterior of your house including driveway replacement, landscape removal, hardscape additions, window replacement, exterior finish change, etc. please contact the City's Planning Department BEFORE you select a contractor to determine if the changes you propose meet the Architectural Standards and other applicable codes and if the work you are doing requires a permit.




8027 Forsyth Acquisitions, LLC will be hosting a community conference, an informal public meeting, prior to its submittal of a proposed Planned Unit Development (“PUD”) at the corner of Forsyth and Brentwood Boulevard. The purpose of the meeting is to provide early and informal notification to the public, to generate discussion, and determine to what extent there are community concerns relative to this proposed project.

Date: November 26th, 2019

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: Center of Clayton

       50 Gay Avenue

      Clayton, MO 63105


Project Description: 8027 Forsyth Acquisitions, LLC is proposing a mixed-use development which includes office, ground-floor retail, and parking structure fronting Forsyth, Brentwood, and Meremec Avenues.






Subdivision Indentures

We get a lot of Questions about Subdivision Indentures. Here is some information that may help you. Click here.