Pending Applications

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The following are pending applications that have been filed with the Planning Department for review by the Plan Commission and/or Architectural Review Board. Complete applications are available for public review at City Hall during normal business hours. For questions on pending applications, contact the Planning Department at 314-290-8453.

The Plan Commission has the power to perform all of the functions provided in Chapter 89, RSMO and the City Charter.

Mixed-Use / Commercial / Multi-family / Institutional

Project Location 43-55 Topton Way  6345 Clayton Road  SD1 and SD2A  7720 Forsyth Boulevard  227 South Central Avenue  8015-8027 Forsyth Boulevard 8125 Forsyth  
Name      Centene Clayton Campus  Centene Plaza Garage  Old Police Station Forsyth Pointe Apogee Office Tower Centene Clayton Campus
Project Type  New Multi-Family Residential  Live/Work Unit  Pedestrian Bridge  Exterior Alteration - Amendment  Mixed-Use Project (hotel) Mixed-Use Project (office, retial, parking) New Commercial Mixed-Use Project
Application Type  SPR, ARB, SUB  CUP  Subdistrict Amendment, ARB  ARB  Conceptual Review  Conceptual Review SDD-SPR-ARB REZONING, SDD, SPR, ARB
Application and Plans Received  10/15/18  10/05/18  09/17/18  09/17/18  02/05/18 02/21/17 11/23/15, 02/26/16 Various Dates
Staff Comments Sent to Applicant             03/10/16, 05/24/16  
Revised Plans Received             04/14/16, 05/16/16, 5/27/16  
Plan Commission / Architectural Review Board meeting  TBD  11/05/18  10/01/18  10/01/18, TBD  02/20/18 (conceptual) 03/06/17 (conceptual) 12/07/15 (conceptual), 05/02/16 Various Dates
Board of Aldermen meeting  TBD  11/27/18  11/13/18  N/A  TBD  TBD 06/14/16, 07/12/16, 09/13/16, 10/18/16 9/27/16, 1/10/17
Project Materials (applications, plans, and supporting documentation)  Project Materials  Project Materials  Project Materials  Project Materials  Project Materials Project Materials Project Materials Project Materials
Last Updated  10/15/18  10/08/18  10/02/18  10/02/18  02/16/18 02/22/17 09/09/16 *02/09/17

*Amended SDD, Sub-districts 1, 2A & 2B already approved.   


Project Location  7739 Davis Drive 8129 Pershing Avenue   7667 Carswold Drive  7635 Westmoreland Avenue
Project Type  New Single Family Residence  New Single Family Residence  Single Family Addition  New Single Family Residence
Application Type  SPR, ARB  SPR, ARB  SPR, ARB  SPR, ARB
Application and Plans Received  10/17/18  10/05/18  09/07/18 (partial)  09/14/18
Staff Comments Sent to Applicant      09/18/18  10/01/18
Revised Plans Received        10/12/18
Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board meeting  TBD  TBD  TBD  11/05/18
Board of Aldermen meeting  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A
Project Materials (applications, plans, and supporting documentation)  Project Materials  Project Materials  Project Materials  Project Materials
Last Updated  10/18/18  10/08/18  09/18/18  10/15/18


  • ARB: Architectural Review Board
  • CUP: Conditional Use Permit
  • PUD: Planned Unit Development
  • REZONE: Rezoning
  • SDD: Special Development District
  • SPR: Site Plan Review
  • SUB: Subdivision or Consolidation Plat
  • TBD: To Be Determined
  • N/A: Not Applicable 

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DISCLAIMER: Planning staff intends to update the electronic records of pending projects at the end of every week; however, we cannot guarantee exactly when such updates will be made. While staff makes every effort to post information in a timely fashion, given the high volume of paper being processed, occasional omissions may occur. The paper file maintained by the Planning and Development Services Department is the true legal record for each project.