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Planned Unit Developments

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What are Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)?

Planned Unit Developments are a distinct zoning classification established to provide flexibility for unified developments by waiving certain zoning requirements in exchange for public benefit.

What is the purpose of having Planned Unit Developments?

Planned Unit Developments encourage the efficient use of land resources and promote innovation in planning and building for residential, mixed use and commercial projects.

Where are Planned Unit Developments allowed?

Commercial and mixed use PUDs are allowed in all commercial and service zoning districts, and residential PUDs are allowed in all multiple family dwelling districts (R-4, R-5, R-6 and R-7).  PUDs are required for all developments in certain overlay districts.

What is the application procedure?

Prior to submitting a formal PUD/Rezoning application, the applicant is encouraged to submit an application for conceptual review by the Plan Commission/ Architectural Review Board.   

The applicant must have control of the subject property in order to submit a PUD request. The application process for a Planned Unit Development zoning designation typically involves other city approvals including site plan review, architectural review and possibly a subdivision plat.  A request for rezoning must be submitted concurrently with the application for the Planned Unit Development.  Oftentimes, a PUD proposal requires a traffic study, parking study and/or shadow study.

After review of the application and plans, the Planning and Development Services staff will notify the applicant of any deficiencies and/or modifications necessary to perfect the application. Once a submission is deemed complete, the request is published for public hearing and is sent to the Plan Commission for its consideration and recommendation.  To allow for the required public notice, the application and supporting material must be submitted at least 22 days in advance of the next available Plan Commission meeting.  

When does the Plan Commission meet?

The Plan Commission generally meets on the first and third Monday of the month. Please refer to the current meeting schedule for specific meeting dates.  

How long will it take for the Plan Commission to make a decision?

The Plan Commission must render a recommendation on a PUD application within 60 days from the date the Commission first considers the application, unless a request for a waiver is submitted by the applicant. After a positive recommendation by the Plan Commission, the application, plans (revised if required) and a written report by Planning Staff are forwarded to the Board of Aldermen for approval.  

What happens after the application is submitted to the Board of Aldermen?

Upon a positive recommendation by the Plan Commission, the proposal is advertised at least 15 days prior to a public hearing by the Board of Aldermen. After consideration of public input, the Board may attach conditions and limitations as deemed necessary or appropriate to minimize adverse effects upon other property or the city as a whole. Upon approval by a majority vote of the Board of Aldermen, the ordinance along with the Development Plan must be recorded by the applicant in the Office of the County Recorder of Deeds. Building permits shall be issued in accordance with the approved Development Plan. A copy of the Development Plan must be retained in the City's records. The Development Plan governs all future uses of the property. Significant changes to the Development Plan require Board of Aldermen approval.