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Site Plan Review

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What is site plan review?

The purpose of the site plan review process is to maintain the high quality of Clayton’s residential neighborhoods and commercial districts and assure the compatibility of new development. Site plan review includes an interdepartmental review by City staff and approval by the City’s Plan Commission. Site plan review is required for the following types of development:

  1. Multi and single-family residential construction
  2. Residential additions where the proposed addition is 50% or more of the total square footage of the principal structure
  3. New commercial construction over 10,000 square feet
  4. Accessory structures that exceed 25% of the total square footage of the existing principal structure
  5. Three-car garages
  6. Additional parking that could have an impact on the property
  7. Conditional use permits, when associated with construction
  8. Excessive grading
  9. Any other type of development not listed above, at the discretion of the Director of Planning and Development

What is the Plan Commission?

The Plan Commission reviews development within the City of Clayton and is the final review for site plans associated with new construction. The Commission is made up of seven members appointed by the Board of Aldermen consisting of the City Manager, a member of the Board of Aldermen and five Clayton residents qualified by experience or other expertise. The Plan Commission considers the following factors in approving site plans:

  • Impervious coverage, stormwater mitigation and maintenance
  • Trash enclosures and HVAC placement
  • Landscaping and replacement of trees removed
  • Mitigation of nuisances to neighboring properties

What do I submit for site plan review?

The deadline to apply for site plan review is noon every Friday. Submittals must include the components listed below. Incomplete submittals will not be accepted.

  • Completed and signed Site Plan Review application. If the project requires architectural review as well (most projects do), the Architectural Review Board application and $135 fee must be submitted at the same time.
  • A $1,035 submittal fee (includes a $285 application fee, $450 deposit for landscape review, and $300 deposit fee for Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plan (SWPPP)).
  • 4 copies (6 copies for commercial/institutional projects) of complete and stapled plan sets folded print side out to approximate 8 ½ X 11. Plan sheets should be 24” x 36” in size.
  • Plan sets must include the follow items:
    •  Current boundary survey
    • Proposed Site Plan (Civil and Architectural)
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
    • Landscape Plan &Tree Protection Plan (per Chapter 405, Article XXX)
    • Floor Plans
    • Context Elevation (if Architectural Review is required)
    • Architectural Elevations (if Architectural Review is required)
    • Colored Renderings (if Architectural Review is required)
    • Colored photos of the property and adjacent properties
  • A completed City of Clayton Tree Chart (excel spreadsheet). Contact to request a blank spreadsheet.
  • A PDF copy of the complete plan set and all supplemental documents (CD or email)
  • A brief narrative describing the proposed project.
  • Subdivision Trustee approval (via letter or signatures on plans), if applicable.

How does the site plan review process work?

An interdepartmental staff review is conducted every Thursday for applications that are received by the previous Friday. Within seven days of the staff review meeting, an email is sent to the applicant outlining plan deficiencies. Review of the Landscape Plan, tree removal/replacement and SWPPP are conducted by a third party, and those comments are forwarded to the applicant at the same time. The applicant has 30 days from the date of the deficiency email to submit revised plans addressing the listed deficiencies and concerns.

What do I submit for the Plan Commission meeting?

The Plan Commission/Architectural Review Board meets the first and third Monday of every month. The application deadline is 3 p.m. on the Monday two weeks prior to the meeting. If the site plan is a component of a larger project requiring additional city approvals and/or a public hearing (such as rezoning or subdivision plat), the submittal deadline may be greater than 14 days.

Revised plans submitted for the Plan Commission meeting will not be accepted unless they contain the following:

  • A letter stating how each of the City’s comments are addressed.
  • 1 full-size plan set with amendments clouded and note referenced, and 10 half-size plan sets (without clouded amendments)
  • Amended applications (if applicable)
  • A PDF copy of revised plans (CD or email)

Plans submitted in response to staff’s comments may result in new or additional comments, and plans will only be put on the agenda when staff feels the plan is complete and satisfactory.

What happens at the Plan Commission Meeting?

Typically, each project will have two agenda items on the meeting agenda: site plan and architectural review. The applicant will receive a copy of the agenda and the staff report prior to the meeting date. Additionally, all adjacent property owners within 200 feet of the subject property will be mailed a copy of the agenda.

At the meeting, planning staff will read the site plan staff report, including its recommendation to approve, approve with conditions, or deny. The applicant will address the Plan Commission to discuss the site plan issues and to answer any questions of the Commission and the audience members. A vote will be taken to approve, continue or deny the proposal. Architectural review (if required) will immediately follow and has the same process.

What happens after the site plan is approved?

You will receive an email from the Planning Department within a week of the meeting stating that the project was approved, approved with conditions, tabled, or denied. The applicant must submit plans to the Building Official for a building permit to allow the construction to commence. The building permit plans must reflect all changes as approved by the Plan Commission. Application for building permits must be made within one year from the date of Plan Commission approval.