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Use of Force Incidents

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Date: January 8, 2020                                               

To: Police Chief Mark Smith

From: Captain Stewart Glenn                         

Subject: Annual Use of Force


During the calendar year 2019 there were 6 reported Use of Force incidents, this is three more than reported in 2018.  Three of the incidents involved the use of Hands on Force.  Two of the incidents involved the Taser.  One involved O.C. spray.  All of the incidents involved Field Operations Bureau personnel (none involving Criminal Investigations Division).  In reviewing each incident, the Use of Force Committee judged the actions of the participating officers to be in compliance with department policy and appropriate under the circumstances in all the incidents. 


February 13, 2019: Taser/Hands on Force

Suicidal suspect who assaulted police officer was resisting arrest.  Taser deployed but failed to make contact with skin. Drive stun and hands on force was used to take him in custody.  No injuries to suspect or officers.  


August 2, 2019: Hands on Force

Juvenile who escaped custody from a rehab center in St. Charles was located in Clayton.  After being ordered to the ground and refusing to comply, Officer used an arm bar take down to the ground where she was handcuffed and taken into custody.  No injuries to suspect or officers.


October 16, 2019: OC Spray

Officer was transporting intoxicated prisoner (who lunged at officers earlier while cuffed) to the station when the suspect began yelling and kicking at the officer.  The Officer stopped the vehicle and warned him to stop kicking and that OC would be used.  The suspect continued to kick at the officer and was sprayed with OC and then became compliant. No injuries to suspect or Officer.


December 6, 2019: Hands on Force

While detaining a domestic assault suspect, the Officer attempted to cuff him when he ran.  The Officer chased and tackled the suspect and was able to handcuff him.  No injuries to suspect or Officer.


December 18, 2019: Taser/Hands on Force

 A peace disturbance observed by an officer who determined the suspect was high on drugs and running in traffic.  When the Officer gave commands, the suspect approached in a threating manner and said he would kill the Officer.  The assist Officer deployed his Taser however contact was not made with one of the barbs and there was no affect.  A drive stun was conducted, and the suspect fell to the ground.  Both Officers then went hands on and were able to subdue and cuff the suspect.  Suspect minor injury.  Officers not injured.


December 20, 2019: Hands on Force   

 Officers responded to a residence for a suspect on “Acid” and being violent.  Suspect resisted physical restraint by his father.  Officer used a straight arm take down and safely took him into custody.  No injuries to suspect or Officer.



The low number of incidents can be attributed to ongoing in-service training in defensive tactics, and our department policy that requires review of the Use of Force policy four times a year.  No revisions in current department policy or training procedures are required.