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Active Shooter Preparedness

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Active Shooter Awareness Presentation

The rising trend in active shooter events makes it more important than ever to be prepared in the event of an emergency. In addition to training staff at Clayton schools, the Clayton Police Department offers free presentations on active shooter safety to local businesses and organizations.

What the Presentation Includes

Attendees receive handouts containing information on how to respond to an active shooter event as well as quick reference guides for emergency situations. After describing the characteristics of active shooter incidents, presenters cover recent trends and data, as well as early warning indicators. The presentation then offers an overview of past local and national active shooter incidents and what can be learned from them. Finally, Clayton police provide strategies for escaping the situation, hiding, or engaging with an active shooter. At the end of each presentation, officers allow time for questions.

How the Clayton Business Community Can Benefit from the Presentation

With a substantial percentage of active shooter events occurring in areas of commerce, it is important for businesses to consider strategies for preparing for and responding to a potential incident. Local examples make the presentation extremely relevant to Clayton residents and workers, and the suggestions are useful for both the workplace setting and other environments, allowing employees to apply what they learn to a variety of situations. The presentation also goes into the responsibilities both of the management and of the individual, so it is uniquely suited for companies and organizations.

Scheduling and Contact Information

If you would like to schedule a free presentation for your business or organization, please contact Corporal Jenny Schwartz at 314-290-8424 or by email at

Run. Hide. Fight.

The City of Houston, Texas and the Department of Homeland Security have produced the following video training program describing what to do if confronted with an active shooter situation.