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Parking-Valet Parking

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The use of on-street parking in commercial districts for valet service is regulated under Section 350.230 of the Traffic Code.  Applications for RENEWAL of Annual Valet Parking Permits are due prior to April 1st of each year.  Applications for NEW valet services can be submitted at any time with the application fee and proof of insurance.  Please note the following:

  • The Public Works Department provides and installs all parking restriction signage mounted on posts or streetlights to identify and enforce valet parking zones.
  • Permittee may also utilize their own A-frame style signage; however this signage must comply with Ordinance 425.155 and shall not be placed in the street.  This signage is to be placed on the sidewalk, adjacent to curb, and shall not impact pedestrian access routes.  For more information regarding the Ordinance on A-frame signage please contact the City’s Planner at (314) 290-8450.
  • Permittee shall provide sufficient valets to remove all vehicles from the valet parking zone within 10 minutes.  Vehicles shall not be parked in public streets, alleys or publicly owned parking lots.
  • Permittee shall keep the valet parking zone in a neat and clean condition, free from nuisance and filth, and provide for the removal of snow, ice, trash and waste therefrom.
  • The Permit shall be conspicuously displayed at the valet station during hours of operations.
  • The Police Department will consistently monitor valet parking zones and take appropriate action when violations occur.  Vehicles violating the parking restrictions in a valet parking zone may be towed.  However, the Police Department will make significant efforts to identify and locate an owner or driver prior to towing.

Any questions regarding permitting should be directed to the Public Works Department at 290-8540.  Any questions regarding enforcement should be directed to Captain Glenn with the Clayton Police Department at 290-8408.