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Yard Waste

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Yard waste collection is available to all residential properties and is collected once a week. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, vines, hedges, shrub and tree trimmings, smaller tree branches, household and yard plants, compost materials (see below for use this link for compost & recycling guides), and holiday trees. Yard waste does not include dirt or rocks. There is no seasonal limit on yard waste and it is collected year-round. State law prohibits putting yard waste materials in landfills. 

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Yard waste is collected year round but many residents do not need pick up every week.  To provide the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly yard waste pick up, a yard waste tag identifies residents that have yard waste in the rear yard for pickup.  The yard waste tag must be placed on the front door or other location that is clearly visible from the street no later then 7:00 am on the scheduled yard waste pickup day.  If your yard waste is collected from the alley, you are not required to participate in the yard waste tag program, your yard waste will be picked up  automatically. Contact the Public Works Department at 314-290-8540 if you do not have a yard waste tag or have lost your tag.

  • Yard waste tag must be placed on the front door or other location that is clearly visible from the street no later then 7:00 am on the scheduled yard waste pickup day.  Please ensure vehicles or trees do not block the view of your tag from the street.
  • Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable compost bags designed for yard waste collection (30 gallon paper bags), or placed loosely in regular clean trash cans or carts clearly labeled as yard waste (32 gallon or smaller), or in Republic Services yard waste containers. 
  • Yard waste not placed in a container must be bundled. Bundles cannot be longer than four feet and no larger that two feet around and must be tied with twine or rope.
  • Cans, bags, or bundles cannot weigh more than 75 pounds.
  • Yard waste cannot be mixed with trash or recycling.
  • In accordance with State law, yard waste will not be taken if placed in any kind of plastic bag.

The City provides residential leaf vacuuming which takes place the first two FULL weeks of April and again from mid-October through mid-January. Please see Curbside Leaf Pickup or your City Views Newsletter for exact dates. During scheduled leaf vacuuming periods, you can rake loose leaves to the curb for pick up. DO NOT rake them to the alley. When Curbside Leaf Pickup is not available, leaves must be bagged for collection through the City's weekly Yard Waste collection.

Special Note

Christmas trees are picked at the curb on your regularly schedule Yard Waste Collection day of the week through the entire month of January.  All Christmas trees 6 feet and taller must be cut in half.  After Jan. 31st trees will have to be cut up in 4 feet by 2 feet bundles tied and left for your regular pick up in the rear of your home.