Alley Improvements

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Update: The 2019 alley project is complete, thank you to the residents for you patience during construction.  Please check back in the spring for the alley replacement area scheduled for 2020.

The 2019 alley improvements will include the following alleys in the Hillcrest neighborhood and Bemis Way.  The project has been awarded to Lamke Trenching and Excavating.  

In order to minimize long disruptions to the entire project area, the Public Works Department plans to have this work competed in  phases.   Each phases in anticipated to last one week, however weather may lead to delays of the listed dates.  

Each phase will close a portion of an alley for approximately seven to ten days.  The pavement will be ready for traffic approximately 3 days after the concrete is poured.  While a segment/phase is closed, the remaining portion of the alley will be accessible to local traffic.  Please check back to this page for continued updates as the project progresses. 

Work will begin as early as 7 am each morning.  Please make arrangements to move your vehicle an alternate location prior to the beginning date for your phase.

There will be a coordinated effort with Republic Services to minimize disruptions to trash and recycling services. We plan to have the contractor relocate your receptacle to the end of the work zone for pickup on each scheduled collection day.  Please have your appropriate receptacle out and visible in your rear drive/alley area by 7 am on the day of pickup.  We will attempt to track the cans and return them to the correct property, but it may be a good practice to place a piece of tape with you address (or some other temporary label) on your receptacle.


Phase 4 is being poured on 7/26 and is expected to reopen to the public on 7/29 or 7/30. 

Phase #  Description Planned Start Date
 1  Dartford to University (western half)  Complete
 2  Dartford to University (eastern half) Complete
 3  University to DeMun (western 1/4) Complete
 4  University to DeMun (mid-western 1/4) Complete
 5  University to DeMun (mid-eastern 1/4) Complete
 6  University to DeMun (eastern 1/4) Complete
 7  DeMun to City Limits (western half) Complete
 8  DeMun to City Limits (eastern half) Complete
 9  Bemis Way (Hanley to Forest Ct.) Complete


You can expect the following work order per phase:

  • Monday – Tuesday: Demolition of segment of alley.
  • Wednesday – Thursday: Grading & concrete pour preparation.
  • Friday – Saturday*: Repave the alley.
  • Subsequent Monday – Wednesday: Reopen alley segment.

 *Currently Public Works and Lamke have no plans of working weekends, but would like to know if there are any objections to Saturday work in case delays do occur.   We would limit the scope of work on Saturdays to concrete pours only.  If you have an opinion in the matter, please contact Spencer Litteken (Civil Engineer) at or 314-290-8575. 

 Please be aware of signage on site providing further information as work approaches.  During construction, portions of alleys may be closed and there will be parking restrictions in the alley area.

 2019 Alley



Spencer Litteken, E.I.
(314) 290-8575