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Parking in Clayton is enforced Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Where Can I Park?

These maps provide locations of garages, surface lots and meters throughout the city.

Off-street Parking

Several private garages offer public parking for an hourly rate or daily fee. 

How Much Does Parking Cost and How Can I Pay for It?

Parking in Clayton is $1.50 per hour. 

PassportParking App

PassportParking is an easy way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. No more quarters. No more running to the parking meters. In no time, you can park, pay and be on your way. Simply download the PassportParking app, park and pay. If you need more time, you can extend your parking session from anywhere using the app. You can also check to see how much time you have left in your session and get a reminder 3 minutes before it expires. This app is available from Apple or Google Play. Convenience fees will apply. 

For more instructions, view the How to Use the Parking App guide. 

Pay Stations & Meters

If you don't wish to use the app to pay for parking, you can still pay via pay stations and meters (where they exist).

To pay using a pay station, simply access the machine to enter your license plate number, choose the amount of time you wish to park and begin your session. Be sure to enter your license plate number correctly and completely into the pay station unit. "0" characters should always be entered as the number zero. An incorrectly entered license number may result in a ticket being issued to your vehicle. Pay stations accept coins, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. A paper receipt will print, but it is for your records and doesn't have to be placed in the window of your vehicle.

To pay using a meter, simply insert coins for the amount of time you wish to park. Meters accept quarters, dimes and nickels only. 

How Do I Pay A Parking Ticket?

Visit the Parking Ticket page for more information on paying parking tickets.